16 July 2024 12:00

An art nouveau house like a dream

An art nouveau house is a dream house. The house seems to come from a fairy tale. Located on Landgoed Mookerheide (North Limburg) is such an architectural gem: Het Jachtslot, built in 1904. The monumental building is super interesting to see. That's why it's great that since late 2023, guided tours have been offered. Enthusiastic guides are happy to tell you about the history and architecture. You can also admire beautiful lamps in the various rooms of the Jachtslot. De blauwe Deel (specialising in the styles Art Nouveau & Art Deco) was able to supply this impressive lighting! We are of course PROUD of this.
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4 May 2024 16:00

The name "De blauwe deel"

Many a visitor over the years has asked: How did you come up with the name De blauwe Deel? Yes, yes, it really isn't just any name, the choice was carefully thought out. We will explain!
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6 April 2024 16:00

Take a look in the mirror yourself on Saturday, May 4!

There is really no need to praise our location of The Blue Part. Most people find it worthwhile to visit Leerdam and pass this on to other people. True word of mouth... Indeed, it is always great fun to be able to look you right in the eye! It's a matter of mirroring. Ha ha and we mean that the theme of this day is MIRRORS!
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Saturday, April 6: Good to see you!

Emotion, remembrance, symbolism... Looking for a beautiful gift to seal feelings? Then of course giving a sculpture is fantastic. Think of a wedding gift, anniversary and the birth...

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Surprise Saturday, March 2 !

What fun the past open day was. We saw familiar regulars, but also new faces. Nice to have spoken to everyone! Of course our webshops are open 24/7, but it is also nice to be able ...

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So beautiful.... Come and watch on Saturday 3 February

The year 2024 has begun! Welcome to Saturday 3 February between 11am and 4pm at the beautiful venue of The Blue Part. The theme of the day is GLASS. Glass is bright, timeless, fas...

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Slowly, the streets become quiet. Dark evening is setting in. A few still walk outside, audible by the sound of crunching snow. Street lamps and lights in gardens illuminate the ni...

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Christmas shopping on Saturday, December 2!

Feel welcome on Saturday 2 December between 11am and 4pm to shop to your heart's content. Beautiful gifts for the holidays: sculptures, vases and bowls, lighting, furniture, wall h...

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Newsflash: Theme SATURDAYS

In 2019, we started special THEME SATURDAYS at our beautiful location "The Blue Art Barn" in Leerdam. As everyone knows, Corona threw everything into disarray.... But, GOOD NEWS! ...

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The Coloured by Art© Tuschinski lamps from Art Deco Trade

Coloured by Art©'s Tiffany Tuschinskis are now renowned and celebrated. Colourful, punchy, skilfully made and original. As is the world-famous Koninklijk Theater Tuschinski (aka Pa...

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Cooling, refreshing and soothing... Yes, yes, we are talking about the colour BLUE. In this hot summer of 2023, we can put the relaxing colour to good use. Blue is the favourite co...

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On the road to the Discover & Experience cycle route of Between Lek & Linge

Spot a purple heron, taste homemade apple pie in various tea gardens and imagine yourself in another time in the historic streets of Ameide and Leerdam. It's all possible during th...

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SERENE: Tiffany lamps made of white glass

WHITE is peaceful and calm and is seen as a symbol of purity and cleanliness. Ornamental designs in white with BLACK that create a tasteful ART DECO feel. Art Deco Trade's Coloured...

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LED LAMPS as atmospheric lighting

When it comes to choosing the RIGHT LIGHTING for your home, it is important to understand what factors affect the SENSE and FUNCTIONALITY of the room. One important factor is the W...

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The unique designs of Coloured by Art©

All lamps in the Tiffany Coloured by Art© collection are original designs and unique in Europe. Special types of glass in a range of colours form the basis of the Tiffany collectio...

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A fresh start and be UNIQUE

The new year has just begun and VALENTINE’S DAY is already approaching! On Tuesday February 14 there will be extra attention for your loved ones. Go to a nice restaurant together o...

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A loving Christmas and an expressive New Year!

Christmas is also back in sight! We are looking forward to spending quiet moments together. There is chaos in the world, but let's try to have a good time with our family and frien...

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Psst... Psst... Art Deco Webstore has something to say! Listen and spread the word. It is colourful and stylised. It gives light and is not just a lamp. It is distinct and beautifu...

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Quirky Candlesticks

Candlesticks are for ambience. When dusk and evening falls, candles like to be lit to create atmosphere. Eating by candlelight. Communicating by candlelight. With candles, everythi...

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Roses: Symbol of love

The rose is a famous flower and reminds everyone of love. A red rose portrays perfection and eternal fidelity, making it a popular love symbol. Not only their beauty, but also thei...

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Soft Art Deco Shawls

A scarf is a great gift because when you give someone a scarf, you look at their personality. The age is important, the hair colour, the eyes and the skin. It is important that the...

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In the moonshine

A few times a year, the full moon comes closer to the earth. This phenomenon is called a supermoon. On 13 July 2022, this phenomenon will be seen again. The moon will be a lot bigg...

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From film classic to gem

Wearing beautiful jewellery makes life a lot more enjoyable. The art styles Art Nouveau and Art Deco are an inexhaustible source of inspiration in jewellery design. The jewellery b...

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Alfons Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau

The famous painter Mucha (1860-1939) came from the Czech Republic, but became famous in Paris. At the end of the 19th century, Paris was a hotbed of the 'belle époque'. It was a go...

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Fixing a GOBELIN to the wall

Time for a GOBELIN! A tapestry on the wall radiates warmth and class. Not only the place where the tapestry is hung is important; the way in which the work of art is attached to t...

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Who writes stays!

Taking the trouble to write someone a personal message in your best handwriting is not easily forgotten. In times of crisis, people tend to long for better times. Thus, in coronati...

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Attention, please!

Before you feast on the champagne, we would like to have your attention for a moment! We at Art Deco Webstore would like to thank all our customers for all the support we have rece...

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How beautiful! New necklaces

The dark days before Christmas. Everyone thinks it is important to brighten up these gloomy days. Lights, music and beautiful gifts. Artdecowebstore likes to bring pearls to your a...

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Leaves in art!

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you probably already know that Art Nouveau is full of references to natural elements! The change of seasons brings new inspiration time an...

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Monday 4 October is World Animal Day and that means that animals get extra attention. Dog, cat, rabbit, deer, bird, swan, butterfly, owl and all other animals are put in the spotli...

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TWENTIES - 20's lamps

Great, great fun! The 20's ceiling lamps and table lamps, designed and developed by Art Deco Trade under the brand name Colored by Art©, are now for sale! Magnificently beautiful l...

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Emotions and sculptures

Giving a sculpture as a gift is very personal because a sculpture par excellence makes an emotion and memory physical. A certain symbolism can be assigned to different shapes. ...

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A piece of jewelry without or with a candle!

The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere falls around June 21 every year. This is approximately the day when the solstice occurs and with it the beginning of the astronomical sum...

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Purple with a gold rim

In Roman times, the wearing of purple clothes was reserved exclusively for the upper classes. Purple dye was very expensive. It became the traditional colour of kings. ...

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New line of bathroom lamps

Lighting in the bathroom is not only practical, it also determines the atmosphere in one of the most important rooms in the house. The bathroom makes sure you get a fresh start in ...

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Father's Day: June 20

Still no gift for Father's Day? In our Art Deco Webstore you will find beautiful gifts....

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When spring comes, I will give you.....

When spring comes, I will give you tulips from Amsterdam! Tulips are famous and beautiful flowers and nice to give. If you want to give a memento to someone who is emigrating or a ...

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Mother's day: March 14

Perhaps the greatest gift on this holiday is simply to be there for mothers and grandmothers. To give them a break and let them enjoy a breakfast made with love. A carefully select...

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Animals are fun, beautiful and sociable. Take good care of them!...

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Tidying up is pleasant. Everything becomes clearer around us and yes, it also becomes clearer in our heads! ...

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JANUARI: A fresh start to the new year! Many people have good intentions at the turn of the year. "In the new year I will do more sports, study better, visit a museum more often.....

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In winter, the days are long. Dark days become more cosy with all kinds of activities. People make up all kinds of things to brighten up the days in winter. At Christmas we celebra...

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Pamper yourself!

In these dark days before Christmas it is important to bring a lot of cosiness inside and outside the house. Beautiful decorations and twinkling lights provide a pleasant feeling. ...

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Art Deco and Art Nouveau Bracelets

Arms almost always move. When exercising and relaxing, during work, and even when we are just talking to each other. Arms are used to carry out activities, but they also support ou...

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Indian Summer

Autumn is a wonderful season! No exaggeratedly high temperatures, but a pleasant autumn sun that plays with beautiful shades of yellow, brown to orange and red. Rain showers and st...

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See and be seen

Jewellery has been worn since ancient times. At the time, the decorations were of course much more sober than contemporary jewellery. In bygone days, for example, a stone or shell ...

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Vacation time!

2020 is a special year. The Corona virus has brought about a lot .... Nevertheless, life goes on and the summer holidays have arrived....

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The butterfly, symbol of transformation...

The butterfly, the symbol of transformation... This time of year, they can be seen all around us! Besides being a wonderful source of inspiration for growth and development, the di...

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Lovely Ladies

Love for Ladies is sung in abundance. In art you also see the ladies as a source of inspiration. Think of the Mona Lisa, the Venus di Milo and The girl with the pearl earring. Worl...

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I'd like to fly like a bird

Birds interpret freedom! What man doesn't want to be as free as a bird? Birds fly, walk or swim wherever they want. There are dangers, but the feeling is unlimited......

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Furniture to instantly fall in love with

Interior lovers will undoubtedly recognise it: you enter a house and your eye is immediately drawn to an eye-catching piece of furniture. Whether it's the material, the colour or p...

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Visit our theme Saturdays in 2020

In 2020 we hope to welcome many customers again on the special theme Saturdays. Save the upcoming themes in your diary below....

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Christmas shopping at the first theme Saturday in The Blue Art Barn

We have given our showroom in Leerdam a new look. That is why we would like to invite you on December 14th for our first theme Saturday: Christmas Shopping! ...

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The most beautiful Art Nouveau squares in France in Nancy

Squares that are so beautiful that they are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, museums full of admirable art and a candy store to make you hungry. You will find it all in the Frenc...

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New: The blue Art Barn in De Graanbuurt

We can finally announce it... Our interior articles, decorations, jewelry, sculptures and many more nice gifts can now also be found in De Graanbuurt. A special, rural location in ...

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Darmstadts Mathildenhöhe: a perfect Art Nouveau hotspot

Together with cities like Brussels, Paris, Vienna, Glasgow and Barcelona, Germany's Darmstadt is rightly considered a jewel for the Jugendstil. With the summer holiday ahead, Art D...

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The artisanal beauty of the New Hague School (Nieuwe Haagse School)

The sturdy and expressive building and interior style of the New Hague School could first be seen in The Hague's cityscape just over a century ago. In 2019, the style is still rele...

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Original Father's Day gifts and a special gift promotion

He may always offer a helping hand or listen to your stories. Thank your father and put him in the spotlight on Sunday 16 June with a wonderful gift from Art Deco Web Store and cho...

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Celebrate spring with colour

The sun shows itself more and more and nature awakens. Time for some colour! Transform the house or yourself into spring atmospheres with the most beautiful products from Art Deco ...

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The power of iridescent glass

Everyone knows the glass art of Louis Comfort Tiffany: the countless pieces of glass in the most enchanting shapes and colors. Tiffany was responsible for favrile glass, or iridesc...

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A Valentine's Day full of glamour

Make Valentine's Day memorable and surprise your loved one (partner, mother or friend) with a special gift and a sweet gesture. Art Deco Web Store tips the best gifts for sweethear...

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Completely ready for the new home year

The team of Art Deco Webshop wishes you a happy 2019. Filled with glamour, Art Deco and unique art objects!...

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A special and atmospheric Christmas

Are you excited as well? Just a little while longer and Christmas arrives. A special time full of festivities, traditions, and personal reflection. Get in the mood with Art Deco We...

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In the style of: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

It's cold outside. Time to enjoy the relaxation in the house! According to Art Deco Web Store, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is the ultimate watch. A perfect combination of entert...

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A new season, new inspiration!

It is autumn! The season to go inside and make your interior a spectacle. At Art Deco Web Store there is plenty of choice of applied art with an autumnal touch: from wall hangings ...

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Summer time, holiday time!

How wonderful, summer's here again. Whether you'll be going on vacation or staying at home, the web shop offers lots of items to turn the holidays into a party....

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Mother's Day: 13 May

Good morning, dear mum! A glass of fresh orange juice, a cup of tea, a delicious breakfast….. preferably in bed. Naturally, this also requires a sweet gift. ...

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Spring at home!

Spring is coming and that means a fresh wind through your interior. With new home accessories, give the interior a spring boost. Prepare the interior for a clean and new season wit...

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14 February: Valentine's Day

Who would not want to be surprised at Valentine's Day? Give your love an original gift from Art Deco Web Store on the 14th of February....

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We wish you a sparkling 2018!

The team behind Art Deco Webstore wishes you a Happy New Year!...

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Holiday season! Time for gifts

Shop in our showroom for the most amazing gifts during our special gift days. You are welcome in our showroom without needing an appointment on December 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2017....

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Deal Viggo Bauhaus and Nestor seating furniture

Spring is in full swing. Time to give your interior a fresh, new look. Looking for new seating furniture? Take advantage of two great offers at Art Deco Webstore....

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How to Hang Wallpaper

Spring is coming: the ideal moment to refresh your interior and give it an update. Wallpaper is the perfect way to immerse a room into a new atmosphere. In this blog entree we will...

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Art Deco Web Store Goes Big

Do you regularly drive on the A2 along the exit of Vianen? Then it is possible that you have seen our digital advertisement on the advertising mast! We are proud that we have been ...

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We wish you an atmospheric 2017!

The team behind Art Deco Webstore wishes you a Happy New Year!...

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Free shipping from €50,- until 31 December 2016*

From now on you can temporarily benefit from free shipping when purchasing a minimum of €50,- in our web store. This offer is valid from 10 December 2016 to 31 December 2016. The d...

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New Art Nouveau Picture Frames

Pictures add a personal touch to the interior. Besides, a picture frame with a decorative frame is a true eye-catcher in your home. This means that picture frames are perfect home ...

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Glass Art by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is seen as one of the most influential architects of all times. He did not just design buildings, but also created more than 4000 stained glass panel...

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French Lamps

In the first decennia of the 20th century, Paris was the cultural centre of the world. Both in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movement lamps were made during this period that became ...

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Deal! Free Rooker Side-Table Worth €495,-

When purchasing two of the selected pieces of furniture, you will now get the Rooker Art Deco side-table (worth €495,-) as a gift. This deal lasts until 31 December 2016. ...

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Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps might just be the most atmospheric lamps there are. Their coloured pieces of glass have a lovely effect when illuminated. Art Deco Web Store has a separate category f...

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100 Years of Amsterdam School

When the prestigious Shipping House (Scheepvaarthuis in Dutch) was opened in 1916, the Amsterdam School movement also became a fact. The following years produced an explosion of be...

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New Ceramic

Ceramics with a luster glaze were incredibly popular during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. In the Netherlands, decorative earthenware with a luster glaze was represented by t...

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Bronze Sculptures

In the living room, in the hallway or in the garden: bronze sculptures are perfect to artistically embellish places in or around the house. Art Deco Web Store has a large collectio...

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Twenties and Thirties Interior

Houses in the style of the thirties, authentic or newly build, have been the most popular in the Dutch real estate business for years. Art Nouveau houses, particularly those built ...

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New Nathalie bags!

In 2014, The Blue Art Barn introduced the Nathalie bag: a beautiful handbag with a remarkable story. We have not stopped working since then and now the collection of Nathalie bags ...

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Upholstering Furniture

Art Deco Web Store has a lot of experience when it comes to (re)upholstering Furniture. Whether it is worth the trouble to reupholster your old piece of furniture depends on variou...

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VIP Delivery

A sunny day in August, a purple antique car that is 55 years old and a lovely order from a client. You do not need much more for a remarkable ‘Scandinavian’ adventure in our own co...

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Van Gogh Year

The year 2015 has officially been announced to be the Van Gogh year. 125 years after his death, the art of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) seems to be more alive than ever. Have a loo...

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Temporary Free Shipping to Holland, Belgium, Germany from €30,-

Art Deco Web Store celebrates summer and treats you to free shipping at a minimum order of €30,-. This deal applies from 01-07-2015 to 12-08-2015....

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Retro & Vintage

What is retro? Retro refers to designs from the past. The colours and shapes of retro products are based on designs from the past. You will also find amazing retro designs, as well...

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10% Off on New Jewellery

There is a new collection of jewellery available at Art Deco Web Store. These Museum style pieces of jewellery are based on original pieces and art objects. This jewellery collecti...

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Win The Spirit Bracelet Worth €195

Have you ever visited our Facebook page before? On Facebook, fans of The Blue Art Barn Web Store (in Dutch: De Blauwe Deel Webwinkels) are kept up to date on any bits of news, fun ...

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Sale on Louis Poulsen Lamps

‘Good light as part of the good life.’ That is the vision of Louis Poulsen, an established company within the design world. Ever since the start of the collaboration with architect...

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Glass Sculptures

There is something magical about artistic glass. The traditional way in which this vulnerable material is shaped, the surprising way in which the colours have been blown into the g...

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Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939)

The work of the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha is undeniably connected to the Jugendstil art movement, and was initially called ‘le style Mucha’. His lithographs with whimsical motifs...

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Fabulous Furniture Fabrics

Art Deco Web Store has a stunning collection of furniture, but did you also know that you can customize these pieces of Art Deco furniture by choosing a beautiful fabric? This blog...

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Hanging A Tapestry

A tapestry on the wall exudes warmth and class. It is not just the place in which is it hung that is important; the way in which it is fastened to the wall also matters. What are t...

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Art Nouveau Chandeliers

Are you looking for an impressive chandelier that is elegant at the same time? Art Deco Web Store has fantastic Art Nouveau chandeliers and Jugendstil chandeliers that are truly a ...

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Bridal Jewellery

The wedding day is usually seen as the most beautiful day in the life of a married couple. The bride can shine on this particular day while wearing a stunning bride’s dress and gor...

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Enjoy the Sun, Protect Your Skin

Now that summer has started, we like to be outside and soak up the sun. But the sunlight can also be dangerous. Sun burn at a young age doubles the chance of getting melanoma, a ty...

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Net Curtains

At Art Deco Web Store, you could already find the most exclusive curtain fabrics. Recently, the collection window coverings has been expanded with stunning net curtains. In the cat...

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De Stijl

De Stijl was a Dutch art movement between 1917-1981 around the magazine ‘De Stijl’ that was founded by Theo van Doesburg. The members strove to create pure designs by incorporating...

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Sheep Leather Sofas and Chairs

Besides furniture with fabric or cowhide, Art Deco Web Store’s furniture collection also has furniture made of sheep leather. Sheep leather is extra special due to its natural char...

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Art Deco Clocks

A clock is not just a practical accessory, it is also very decorative. Art Deco clocks, retro clocks and nostalgic clocks are available at Art Deco Web Store. An Art Deco clock ens...

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Art Nouveau and Art Deco in The Hobbit

Organic shapes, Mountains, rocks, flowers and plants, woods and fairytale-like valleys: the wilderness of Middle-earth was created in 1937 by J.R.R. Tolkien in his book The Hobbit....

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Be Surprising on Valentine's Day

On the 14th of February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. A good occasion to surprise your loved one with an artistic gift. Art Deco Web Store is the perfect online store to find the ...

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Different Names For Art Nouveau Movement

The Art Nouveau movement was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and it blossomed in Europe approximately from 1890 until 1910. Since Art Nouveau became popular in various cou...

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Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts movement was an artistic, social movement that was led by William Morris (1834-1896) and took place in the 19th century. It responded to mass production by stri...

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Art Deco Wallpaper

Bare walls that lack character belong to the past. The time has come for glamour, warmth and style. The different kinds of Art Deco wallpaper from Art Deco Web Store will transform...

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Magnificent Mirrors

You will not find any mass products at Art Deco Web Store, just exclusive items of high-quality materials which have been made in a skilful way. This also applies to mirrors. In th...

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Wiener Werkstätte

The Wiener Werkstätte was a group of artist in Vienna that let themselves be inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. They existed from 1897 to 1914. The artists strove for a new...

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Sinterklaas in Art Deco Style

In about a month, it is going to be that time of the year again: Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) and his Pieten (Petes) will be in our country again. On the 5th of december, it will b...

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Bag Label NATHALIE Sponsors Dutch Melanoma Foundation

The Blue Company proudly presents a new bag! A model with vivacious lines; fashionable and functional. A bag with its own label, signed NATHALIE....

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Henry van de Velde (1863-1957)

Those who think of Art Nouveau, think of Henry van de Velde (1863-1957). As a painter, architect and designer, he strived for an all-encompassing unity between architecture and the...

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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The outside of the Belvedere building in Vienna looks impressive and it has been the home of the Österreichische Gallery Belvedere since 1903. The baroque palace, surrounded by ter...

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Ginkgo Motifs

Elegant Ginkgo leaves were very popular with Art Nouveau artists. They were charmed by the shape of its leaf, its feminine way of growing and its exotic character. Ginkgo leaves co...

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Amsterdam School Architecture

Expressionistic, lots of brick, uncommon usage of materials, curved lines, pointy angles and decorative elements: just a few typical features of the Amsterdam School style. This re...

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Jugendstil Tin

Ladies posing in flowing, smooth dresses surrounded by natural motifs in flowing lines do not seem to translate easily to home furnishings. Still, there are certain materials that ...

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Curtains for an Art Deco Home

Complete your Art Deco interior with stunning Art Deco curtains. Art Deco Web Store has a large collection of curtain fabrics in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. Naturally, geom...

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Art Deco Chandeliers

When thinking of chandeliers, people mostly imagine classic lighting that is abundantly decorated with crystals, but there are also chandeliers available for Art Deco lovers. Those...

more »

Unique Bags

Art Deco Web Store proudly presents its new collection of unique bags. These beautiful and artistic bags are all handmade of the most stunning, luxurious fabrics. Every bag is 100%...

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Men's Watches

Haven’t bought a present for Father’s Day present yet? Give a men’s watch from Art Deco Web Store as a present. On this website, you will find a wonderful collection of bold, moder...

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Jewellery with Enamel

Decorating necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches with enamel always results in the most beautiful pieces of art. Many Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewellery have enamel in...

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In the Style of 'The Great Gatsby'

Art Deco lovers can now satiate their hunger for this stylistic movement by watching the film ‘The Great Gatsby’ in Dutch cinemas. The latest film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald...

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Functionalism and Furniture

Modern Architecture, Bauhaus, International Style, New Objectivity and Functionalism: all of these art styles are part of the Modern Movement (1917-1940). Functionalists strove for...

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Schuitema Furniture Collection

Like treasures from a rich past, various pieces of Schuitma Furniture are displayed in Art Deco Web Store’s showroom. The pieces are based on the famous designs by Charles Rennie M...

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Inspirer Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Bright, elegant, vertical lines and a touch of eccentricity: these are a few stylistic features of the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). Many of his designs...

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Art Deco Web Store's Glass Gallery

Leerdam is very famous for its glass. This is mostly due to the work of Leerdam’s glass designer A.D. Copier (1901-1991). When the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement were blossoming...

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Store Jewellery Safe and Dust-Free

Saturday night. A romantic dinner in a nice restaurant has been planned. There is not a lot of time to change your clothes since you have had a busy day. Quickly, you pull your fav...

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Craftsmanship Visible in Carpets

Have you just bought a new house, or are you in need of a stunning change in your home? Select a magnificent hand-knotted carpet from Art Deco Web Store. We offer a wide range of p...

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Customised Artistic Decorative Cushions

Art does not stop at a painting, sculpture or building. Ingenious works of art can also be found among home furnishings. One example is Art Deco Web Store’s collection of decorativ...

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New Art Deco Furniture Series: stylish & expressive

A beautiful, new series of furniture has been added to Art Deco Web Store’s diverse collection. Angular lines, geometrical details and a sublime finish are very characteristic of t...

more »

New Jugendstil Necklaces: sparkling & dynamic

Art Deco Web Store has included striking Jugendstil necklaces in her collection at the just right time. The intense colours are mostly worn in winter and really make the necklaces ...

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