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Bathroom Lamps

Art Deco web store offers lamps that would look right at home in bathrooms with ...


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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has a lot to do with style. The lamps can, for instance, be cla...


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Gispen the originals

W. H. Gispen (1890-1981) was a Dutch decorative artist / industrial designer. He...


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Hanging Lamps

Everyone needs light; it is a necessity of life. Hanging lamps seem to be partic...


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Lights on beam / Billiards

Preparing food, having dinner, chatting, reading, doing crafts, puzzles, colouri...


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Horeca Lamps / Projects

Art Deco Web Store supplies lighting to both private and business clients. There...


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A chandelier is a complex, decorated pendant lamp with an extravagant shape. It ...


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Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps come in handy if the ceiling is not very high and a pendant lamp w...


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Picture Lamps

A painting's colours are generally subtle during the day. Natural light plays wi...


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Spotlights come in handy when a specific object or corner needs to be illuminate...


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T- Hanging Lamps

If the power supply is not in a convenient place, an Art Deco, T-shaped pendant ...


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Table Lamps

Table lamps or desk lamps. Table lamps are charming and they can be divided int...


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Tiffany Lamps

ATMOSPHERIC TIFFANY LAMPS The name Tiffany refers to Louis Comfort Tiffany (184...


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Floor and Reading Lamps

Floor lamps, standard lamps or reading lamps. Atmospheric floor lamps or functio...


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Wall Lamps

Wall lamps or wall chandeliers are a key part of the atmosphere as they can illu...


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Collector`s items

Collector’s Items You will find our collection of collector’s items in this spe...



Artdecowebstore offers a very extensive collection of lamps. It features different styles from all over the world and from various time periods; from Jugendstil to the Fifties (1880-1950).

The lighting is suitable for both distinctive, old buildings and brand new properties. The living room becomes unforgettable, the kitchen practical and zesty, the hallway impressive, the bedroom attractive, the nursery sweet and distinctive, the bathroom functional but artistic, the restroom pleasant, the office sophisticated, the dining-room cosy and the bar spectacular. Extravagant Art Deco lighting adds character to your house!

Many models have a historical background and/or are designed by famous architects and artists such as:
Gispen, Oud, Bauhaus, Rietveld, Gisolf, Art Light, Wagenfeld, Wissmann, Sonneveld, Kolo Moser, Muller, Giso, Tiffany, Lauritsen, Anton Philips, Amsterdam School.

Models that appeal to the imagination can also be found in our web store: School lamps (ordinary, basic and luxurious), Toll-shaped lamps, Metropolis, Apollo, Saturn, Piano lamps and Gentleman's desklamps.

The collection is divided into subgroups: hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps. Have a look at the menu on the left.

Ceiling lamps are generally also available as hanging lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps. Usually, the lamp can be customised when it comes to its length, size and dimmer. Sometimes it is also possible to choose the materials that are used. The fitting can be customised to suit Halogen lamps, PAR lamps and LED lamps. The different kinds of lamp sockets are: E-14, E-27, G9, GU10, GX53.

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