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Silk Scarf Grasset | Botanical

Silk Scarf Grasset | Botanical

€ 59.90
Silk Tie Art Nouveau

Silk Tie Art Nouveau

€ 39.90

Artistic silk scarves

You will find exclusive and luxurious scarveswith an artistic design online at Art Deco Web StoreThese silk scarves are of high quality with the most beautiful designs based on world famous works of art by influential artists. The most beautiful colours and motifs executed in 100% silk.

Add extra distinction to your outfit and wear an artistic, silk scarf. Choose from designs by Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Robert Delaunay, Joseff Hoffmann, William Morris or Eugène Grasset. These artist have created the most stunning works of art that can now be worn due to these luxurious silk scarfs. Wear an exclusive Klimt scarf or Van Gogh scarf and be unique!

An Art Deco scarf or Art Nouveau scarf is also the perfect gift for an art lover.

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