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The Blue Art Barn displays a lovely range of wallpapers on Artdecowebstore.com. ...


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Curtain Fabrics

Curtains determine the atmosphere in an interior. Besides, curtains can fend off...


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Coat Racks/ Umbrella Stands

Art Deco Web Store offers a collection of exclusive coat racks online. There are...


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Retro Clocks

Art Deco clocks and Art Nouveau clocks, table clocks and wall clocks. Sometimes ...


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"Mirror Mirror on the wall." The water's surface was the very first mirror and ...


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A new carpet changes the look of your house in the blink of an eye: a striking p...


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Toilet/ Bathroom

The bathroom is a versatile space within the house. This is where you find peace...


Home Furnishings

These high-quality products are suitable for everyday use and their durable materials are united with strong designs. There is a choice between angular-shaped Art Deco coat racks and Art Nouveau coat racks with geometrical patterns. Art Deco web store also offers practical fans with distinct designs. The brightly coloured Retro Wesco trash cans serve as real eye-catchers in your kitchen, office, restaurant or café. There is a multitude of possibilites when it comes to selecting exclusive furniture fabrics of high-quality materials as they are available in various styles. From dashingly romantic to smooth and stately. Very exclusive, hand-knotted rugs enrich the interior with their presence. Luxurious wallpaper tops it all off. Most of the door handles, clocks and switches also have a historical background which makes them even more special.

Art brightens up every day. Select your choice from one of the subcategories of "Home Furnishings" on the left side and be surprised by all the different possibilities.

Wedding gifts, business presents, goodbye gifts, anniversary presents or gifts for other festive occasions. Art Deco web store allows you to easily purchase original, stylish and practical items that compliment your interior online.

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