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The Blue Art Barn offers stunning furniture on their online Art Deco web store. The design of these new pieces is based on examples from the 20th century (1900-1960). Pieces were either made to look exactly like the original models, or they were inspired on the famous designs produced by famous designers. Click on 'Biographies' to find out more about these world famous designers.

The Art Nouveau furniture, Art Deco furniture and Designer furniture that features on this website has all been produced by renowned furniture makers. These craftsmen are determined to create even more beautiful pieces than other famous designers did before them! Click on the following links to read more about Art Nouveau furniture art and Art Deco furniture art.

There are dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, desk chairs, armchairs, stools, Hocker footstools, two-seat sofas, three-seat sofas, four-seat sofas, sofa beds, coffee-tables, dining room tables, kitchen tables, side-tables, tables for plants, decorative tables, desks, glass door cabinets, sideboards, night stands, hallway cupboards, dressing tables, media furniture, TV storage furniture, bookcases, wall cabinets, cabinets, chests of drawers, folding screens, plant stands, pillars, pedestals and all kinds of other decorative furniture just waiting to be discovered. The materials used to create these pieces of furniture are diverse. A piece can made of pure and honest kinds of wood such as oak, European ash, calamander, rosewood, ebony, mahogany, walnut, satinwood, yew or beech. It is usually possible to select the finish for the wood yourself as it can often be patinated in a natural, cherry red or warm brown hue. Go to  Terminology for more information.

Art Deco Web Store's metal furniture (in various RAL colours) and chrome pipe furniture is a strong contrast to the wooden furniture. This smooth-looking furniture originated in the Thirties and it is also linked to the Fifties. Click here for more information on different art styles.

Would you like to see the furniture before you buy? Come and visit The Blue Art Barn's showroom in Leerdam. Click on Contact for the address and opening hours.

"If you desire to turn your life into a piece of art, start with the thing that inspires your thoughts and influences your mind; your house". This is a quote from a brochure that was published by the Dutch LOV furniture company in 1922.

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