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The Blue Art Barn Exclusive

The Blue Art Barn not only offer a very extended range of furniture and home furnishings, but also the professional styling of homes. Using the name ‘The Blue Art Barn Exclusive’, our professional stylists focus on entire Art Deco interiors and Art Nouveau interiors: from furniture, wallpaper, lighting, curtains and carpets, to home furnishings for every room in the house. If desired, The Blue Art Barn Exclusive can give advice about decorating a home in the Art Deco or Art Nouveau style and can assist in the purchase of products for the interior of your house at Art Deco Web Store. As experts in the field of Art Deco interiors and Art Nouveau interiors, The Blue Art Barn Exclusive can be helpful during your quest for an exclusive or extraordinary interior in the Art Deco style or Art Nouveau style. This could be when moving into a new home, after rebuilding or renovating your house or just because you feel like it is time for something new. The Blue Art Barn Exclusive could even help when you are looking for a few remarkable eye-catchers in the Art Deco or Art Nouveau style but are unsure of how to combine these with your current interior.

Everything in one place

“It has happened that clients were not familiar with our expertise when it comes to styling the interiors of homes before they visited us. Some customers hired an interior decorator elsewhere, but there is no need to take that extra step. At The Blue Art Barn Exclusive, people can get interior decorating advice, shopping assistance and various items for your home. In short: we offer the complete package”, says an interior decorator at The Blue Art Barn Exclusive. “The main advantage of having your house styled by The Blue Art Barn Exclusive is that we know our products well. We know everything there is to know about our collection and this makes it possible for us to smoothly transform ideas to the desired interior. Besides, we are in close contact with our suppliers which has certain advantages when it comes to the delivery and price of items.” Add years of experience and specialized knowledge when it comes to Art Deco and Art Nouveau to this information and it is clear that opting for an interior stylist from The Blue Art Barn Exclusive is a good decision.


“Interior decorating or home decorating is an art in itself. Combining colours, materials, shapes and styles is not always easy. Due to knowledge and experience in both the Netherlands and countries abroad, we know what does and what does not work. Naturally, the customer’s desires come first. We also like to show the various possibilities that are out there. While doing this we take the values of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements into account”. This does not mean that only inhabitants of Art Nouveau houses, authentic thirties houses and historical houses can profit from The Blue Art Barn Exclusive. “It is also possible to, for instance, add Art Deco elements to modern apartments and newly built houses. As experts on interior decorating, we will make sure that everything in the room is harmonised. We even like to give advice on personal styling such as jewellery. The ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, also known as a ‘total work of art’, is our philosophy and also that of the famous Art Nouveau artist Henry van de Velde.”

What are the options?

From living room to bathroom and from bedroom to study or home office: people can come to The Blue Art Barn Exclusive for every part of their home’s interior. If desired, the interior stylist will come on-site to have a look at the layout, light, surface, atmosphere, remarkable elements etcetera and to discuss your wishes. Travel costs and a compensation based on hourly rates will be charged before the interior stylist visits your home. This amount is settled with the quotation that is written by Art Deco Web Store, which is dependent on the amount of money that is spend. If desired, your dream interior in Art Deco or Art Nouveau style can be realised within a budget that is determined beforehand.

Styling your interior already starts by looking at our web store. Make sure to have a look at the colours, motifs and materials that appeal to you or come visit us at The Blue Art Barn’s showroom which has many items and samples on display. Feel free to contact us for more information on interior decorating, gesamtkunstwerk interiors and overall styling by The Blue Art Barn Exclusive.

Have a look at the board The Blue Art Barn Exclusive Interior decorating for more inspiration.

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