Emotions and sculptures

1 September 2021 12:00
Giving a sculpture as a gift is very personal because a sculpture par excellence makes an emotion and memory physical. A certain symbolism can be assigned to different shapes.


The owl is an animal that symbolizes wisdom. The swan symbolizes stability, beauty and loyalty. There are various characteristics that are attributed to all kinds of animals. In addition to their symbolic value, they are also extremely decorative. Animals as sculpture really belong to Art Deco. They are touching and give atmosphere in and around the house. For example, made of bronze and therefore also suitable for outside, for example in the garden or on the balcony. Or in mouth-blown glass. One can enjoy endlessly from a glass object. Bubbles, drops, tightly cut glass or mouth-blown figures with swirling colours. Let the light play with it. materials Sculptures come in many materials. Not only in mouth-blown glass and Tiffany glass, but also in composite, marble, pewter, silver and wood. Country style Webshop even offers bronze garden statues. Such as that of the stork, which is inextricably linked to the Dutch landscape. But also sculptures in Jugendstil style after the original design by WMF under Albert Mayer, sculptor and designer. In addition to the precious bronze, there are also statues made of polyresin. This is a combination of natural stone and synthetic resin. This makes it extremely resistant to all weather conditions. So there are all kinds of sculptures in various price ranges for every budget.

A special keepsake

A sculpture is a beautiful gift for a loved one as a wedding gift or if you are moving in together. Family and friends often give a sculpture as a gift to the newlyweds. A keepsake for the most beautiful day of your life. Giving a sculpture can also be attractive at an engagement or on Valentine's Day, for example in a heart shape.

 When a baby is born, it is original to give an image of mother or father with child. Such a sculpture is often given a place of honor as a permanent maternity gift. And then there are anniversaries. In any case, a sculpture gives a personal feeling.