Sheep Leather Sofas and Chairs

4 April 2014 14:25
Besides furniture with fabric or cowhide, Art Deco Web Store’s furniture collection also has furniture made of sheep leather. Sheep leather is extra special due to its natural character and pure look. Art Deco Web Store offers high-quality furniture made of sheep leather that has been made by hand in a traditional way.

Production process

Australia and New-Zealand have the biggest sheep herds in the world. It is no wonder that they are the leaders when it comes to the supply of sheep leather. This is why sheep skins from these countries are used. It is important that the furniture of Art Deco Web is of the highest AA quality. After the quality check, the remaining hairs are scorched off. Then the leather is vegetable-tanned in France, after which it is shipped to the Netherlands for a second quality check.

In the workshop

When the hides arrive at the workshop, they are sorted by size to cut as little leather off as possible. Only whole hides are used, so they do not have any stitches. Templates are used to cut the patterns for the various armchairs. After this is done, the various parts are stitched together. Meanwhile, a beech wood base has been constructed which can then be upholstered by the upholsterer. This upholstery exists of six layers and, naturally, the hide. After the hides have soaked in a water bath for an hour, they are upholstered onto the base while still wet. This is a tough and time-consuming job that can only be done by the best upholsterers in the workshop. It will create a creaseless, upholstered piece of furniture with a unique look.

Final touches

After the piece of furniture has been upholstered, it has to be dried for 24 hours in a specific room. This will shrink the leather by 8% which means it will end up covering the base tightly and without any creases. The piece of furniture is then stained with organic material based on an old , secret recipe that was created by hand by a colouring expert. Afterwards, the furniture is once again brought to the drying room. Finally, it is covered with transparent wax. This way, a stunning and unique piece of furniture is created that has been made entirely by following old traditions.


Art Deco Web Store has various pieces of furniture that are covered with sheep leather. They can usually be ordered as both a sofa and an armchair. Have a look at Armchair or Sofa Grandeur, Armchair or Couch Cubic or Armchair Serre. Art Deco Web Store will happily provide you with reasons why furniture made of sheep leather should be chosen:

-           The pieces of furniture have a stunning finish with details like leather piping.

-           The solid beech wood can be coloured to your liking by using colours such as cherry patina or medium              brown.

-           Timeless, cognac, leather colour. The pieces of furniture can also be ordered with fabric or cowhide                    upholstery.

-           The seat’s height and depth can also be adjusted if this is desired. - Naturally, the sofas and chairs are              fitted with a spring system on the inside that ensures resiliency.

-           The bottom of the seat has traditionally been fitted with strokes of cotton.

-           The pieces of furniture have been nailed by hand.

-           The cushions have a cotton bottom which means that air can easily escape when they are seated on.

-           The separate cushions have been fitted with a zipper so its filling can easily be renewed if this is                          necessary.

-           Black, varnished wooden intarsia (depends on the model)

-           When purchasing a sheep leather chair or sheep leather sofa, you will get a free can of beeswax. Art                    Deco Web Store advises to use this on your sheep leather furniture once every half year.

-           A traditional, unique and natural product to which much attention has been paid.