Purple with a gold rim

21 July 2021 10:00
In Roman times, the wearing of purple clothes was reserved exclusively for the upper classes. Purple dye was very expensive. It became the traditional colour of kings.

Tyrian purple

The purple colour was extracted from the purple snail, which is almost extinct as a result. Around 30,000 purple snails had to be dug up to obtain one pound of paint mass. This yielded only four grams of pure dye. This made the dyed fabric ten to twenty times more expensive than a quantity of gold of the same weight.

Imperial purple

Julius Caesar was the first to wear an all-purple toga as a sign of his authority. A century later, Emperor Nero decreed, on pain of death, that only the emperor, senators and priest could wear the Tyrian colour. Even in modern times, purple is a colour that radiates wealth. The colour is also seen as a symbol of passion, inventiveness, inspiration, originality and spirituality.

Colourful assortment

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