Amsterdam School Architecture

19 August 2013 14:15
Expressionistic, lots of brick, uncommon usage of materials, curved lines, pointy angles and decorative elements: just a few typical features of the Amsterdam School style. This remarkable architectural style deserves some extra attention from Art Deco Web Store as Art Deco shapes were often integrated in this style. So what makes the Amsterdam School special? A short introduction to this style of architecture.

Stylistic Features

The Amsterdam School is an architectural style that manifested itself between 1910 and 1940 as a counter movement to Modern Architecture (or ‘het Nieuwe Bouwen’ in Dutch) that focused on functionality, pureness and simplicity. The Amsterdam School sets itself apart by using uncommon shapes and decorative elements, which makes this style expressionistic. The building is a piece of art by itself that evokes feelings. A few of the stylistic features are: bulges and towers without a clear function, ladder windows (windows interrupted by horizontal laths), roof tiles attached to front and the vertical or diagonal masonry of bricks, which is more decorative than ordinary, horizontal masonry. Much attention is also paid to creative and traditional workmanship. The Amsterdam School is a daring and dramatic style which is why it is very popular among Art Deco lovers.


A few well-known examples of architecture in this style are ‘Het Schip’ (‘The Ship’) in Amsterdam by Michel de Klerk, ‘Het Scheepvaarthuis’ (‘The Shipping House’) in Amsterdam by Jan van de Mey and ‘De Bijenkorf’ (‘The Beehive’) in The Hague by Piet Kramer. Particularly in Amsterdam, buildings from the Amsterdam School period are often part of (social) housing projects. There are also plenty examples of impressive Amsterdam School houses outside of Amsterdam, such as villa park Meerwijk in Bergen, houses in the districts Korrewegwijk and Tuinwijk in Groningen, Radio Kootwijk, the Main Post Office in de Neude in Utrecht and much more buildings spread all over the Netherlands. Have a look at the website (which is in Dutch) to view Amsterdam School buildings in Alblasserwaard and Vijfheerenlanden.

Applied arts

Art Deco Web Store offers furniture, lighting and home furnishings in the Amsterdam School style. Add character to your interior with Art Deco Web Store’s special interior options. The Art Deco rug Amsterdam School is both magnificent and stunning. A similarly beautiful carpet can be seen in the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam. Carpet Parabola sets itself apart by its distinctive, dramatic pattern. The collection harbours various Amsterdam School lamps, such as ceiling lamp Apollo, hanging lamp Parabola and wall lamp Amsterdam School. Besides, there is also a remarkable Amsterdam School clock available. Make sure to have a look in the category books to view art history books on the Amsterdam School, such as the book Amsterdam Design 1900-1930.

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