I'd like to fly like a bird

19 April 2020 15:00
Birds interpret freedom! What man doesn't want to be as free as a bird? Birds fly, walk or swim wherever they want. There are dangers, but the feeling is unlimited...

Birds as a source of inspiration

In the category 'birds' at Artdecowebwinkel you can see how beautiful birds are in art. Birds are a source of inspiration for many artists. Birds appeal to the imagination. The most beautiful sculptures, tapestries, jewellery, fabrics, wallpaper, vases and other decorative objects are made with passion.


Sometimes I'd like to fly
like a bird
and visit the most beautiful places
Nature reserves, villages or towns
Sometimes I'd like to fly
like a bird
to see to amazement
how people live
Festive, working and caring
I get temperamental when people
misconduct oneself
Sometimes I'd like to fly
like a bird
to enjoy in peace
of freedom and beauty.

From J.E.

 Broche SkyfallSchaal Vogels KeramiekBronzen Sculptuur / Gouden VogelKussen Pauw


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