New Jugendstil Necklaces: sparkling & dynamic

18 January 2013 13:40
Art Deco Web Store has included striking Jugendstil necklaces in her collection at the just right time. The intense colours are mostly worn in winter and really make the necklaces stand out beautifully. The effect is a sublime combination of harmony and sparkling dynamic.

Meaning behind the gemstones.
The necklaces ‘Fantastic’, ‘Commotion’ and ‘Essence’ each have beautifully faceted gemstones and minerals that are characterised by their own unique colours. Both the colour and the type of gemstone/mineral can have a meaning attached to it.

The Almandine mineral, which forms powerful basis of the necklace ‘Fantastic’, has a dramatic, deep, reddish brown colour which symbolises vigour and perseverance. Red is the colour of movement, passion and energy: three features that are necessary for vigour and perseverance. Brown represents solidarity and stability; features that are unmistakably connected to the meaning of Almandine.

This gemstone’s colour is exceptional and it is the centre of the necklace ‘Commotion’. The subtle lilac colour of this mineral is both fresh and warm. Violet is usually seen as the colour of protection and spirituality. These key words are attributed to the Amethyst as well. This gemstone also stimulates clear thoughts, which is in accordance with the meaning behind violet, namely, wisdom.

The Sterling silver ornament of the necklace ‘Essence’ is adorned by a reddish orange Spinel mineral. The Spinel has a remarkable meaning attached to it. It is also referred to as ‘the stone of immortality’ and this is why it stands for rejuvenation and renewal. Passion and energy, the symbolic meaning of the reddish orange colour, also tie in nicely with that fact.

The ornaments on these new Jugendstil necklaces have a fantastic, stylised shape. Their elegant designs are based on nature, which is the most important source of inspiration for the Jugendstil and Art Nouveau movement. These pieces of jewellery exude harmony, strength, energy and passion. This can be translated to one of the most important features of Jugendstil, namely, optimism. The imaginative designs and dynamic lines express emotions. Click on the ‘Art Deco’ button at the top of the front page of this website and read more about Jugendstil jewellery in the article on the Art of Noveau/Jugendstil jewellery.

Cutting technique
The gemstones and minerals that adorn the Sterling silver necklaces have skilfully been cut cabochon. This technique entails that the rough gemstones are cut into the desired shape, for example, oval, round or a different shape. When the stone has the right shape, small layers of the gemstone are cut off at the top to make the stone globular. This bulging shape is characteristic of cabochon cut gemstones and minerals.

The new Jugendstil necklaces can be found in the category ‘Jewellery and Jewellery boxes’.