Art Deco Chandeliers

12 July 2013 11:19
When thinking of chandeliers, people mostly imagine classic lighting that is abundantly decorated with crystals, but there are also chandeliers available for Art Deco lovers. Those who have an interior in the Art Deco style and are looking for a matching chandelier have come to the right address. Art Deco Web Store offers a varied collection of magnificent Art Deco chandeliers online.

Customizing your chandelier

A chandelier usually exists of a fitting with multiple arms that is adorned with glass lampshades. At Art Deco Web Store, multiple types of chandeliers are available and they offer the possibility of choosing from different types of materials for the fitting and glass lampshades in various colours. Chandelier Ambition with 10 lights, Ambition with 6 lights, Ambition with 4 lights, Fireworks, Sphere-Cluster, Art Deco Chandelier and 9-Lights Crown with Slim Cylinders are some examples of this. By using the step-by-step manual, the material of the fitting and the colour/type of glass lampshade can be chosen. Customise an Art Deco chandelier that suits your own taste.

Design chandeliers

A Design chandelier is a true eye-catcher in a hallway and goes perfectly with an Art Deco interior. Art Deco Web Store has a few design classics in its collection that are a feast for the eye. Designer Poul Henningson has a few magnificent lamps to his name. His brand Louis Poulsen has created a couple of remarkable chandeliers: Chandelier Academy and the PH 2/1 Chandelier. The famous Artichoke chandelier and the eye-catching Snowball Chandelier also belong to his work. These remarkably shaped chandeliers can be ordered online at Art Deco Web Store.


A chandelier becomes the eye-catcher of the interior and looks amazing in a space with a high ceiling. In the hallway, above the dining table, in the bedroom, in the office or in a different space: an Art Deco chandelier will richly decorate every room in which it is placed. Besides, the chandelier provides the room with a generous amount of light. To view all Art Deco chandeliers, have a look in the category Chandeliers, a subcategory of Lighting.

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