Glass Sculptures

23 January 2015 15:48
There is something magical about artistic glass. The traditional way in which this vulnerable material is shaped, the surprising way in which the colours have been blown into the glass and the way the look of the glass object changes with the light of day or the season.

Colours and glass

The collection of Art Deco Web Store has stunning glass sculptures in various designs: human figures, animal figures and abstract objects. The most beautiful colours give the glass object the look that matches its shape: quiet, earthy tones or eye-catching, bright colours. The beautiful colours of the sculptures are created by adding oxides of different elements, like iron, manganese, cobalt and copper, to the glass. These colours always end up being in different places and having different quantities when placed on the glass. This makes every object unique.

Light and glass

The colour and clarity of the glass looks especially beautiful when the light plays with it. Position the sculpture in such a way that it catches the light coming in through the window. This will have the most remarkable effects. A glass object will look particularly stunning in the fall and winter, when pink, purple and orange colours light up the sky.

Tradition and glass

A glass sculpture is an artistic gift that definitely evokes certain feelings. A piece of art to look at for a long time and to be surprised by time and time again. Especially considering the traditional and labour intensive way in which the glass object is made. Even the most complex glass figures are mouth-blown. Glass sculptures can be made with the help of a mould, but the glass blower can make a free-blown design. Other elements are attached to the glass object with pliers, scissors and wooden spatulas. It is not until the glass is heated to a temperature of about 1300 degrees Celsius that the desired shape can be given to the glass. Usually, a group of 3 or 4 people work on the glass object during this stage. It is important that the team works well together, since there is not much time for correcting mistakes when glass is produced. The final design is always surprising: every object is unique. Have a look in the category Glass Objects to view our collection of glass sculptures.

A selection from our collection:


Sculptuur Schulp Sculptuur Magic Druppel

Human figures

Sculptuur Zeemeermin Sculptuur Together

Animal figures

Sculptuur Schildpadden Sculptuur Hippocampus