A piece of jewelry without or with a candle!

18 August 2021 12:00
The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere falls around June 21 every year. This is approximately the day when the solstice occurs and with it the beginning of the astronomical summer. With the longest day over, the days get shorter again. The shortest day falls in the days around December 22. The run-up to the dark days is still long, but we are happy to take you through our range of candlesticks to add luster to the evenings.

In addition to the decorative function of a candlestick, candles provide light, atmosphere and romance. They give a playful effect to any room. Candlesticks have been used since the Middle Ages. In main hall for church altars. Antique candlesticks were usually made in pairs. During the Baroque and Rococo period, the candlesticks were given all kinds of extra decorations in the form of shells and flowers. But candlesticks in the shape of human figures, which hold the candle holder above their heads, were also very popular. The human figures are sometimes profiled left and right, so that they can “look” at each other on the table. In addition to the single candlestick, candelabra became more and more in vogue. In the 18th and 19th centuries, more and more use was made of this type of candlestick with 2,3 or more ornate arms. That had everything to do with the dinner served in the evening. After gas and oil lighting was introduced, candlesticks increasingly played a decorative and less functional role. The candlesticks selected by Art Deco Web Store are based on various art styles, including Art Nouveau. Often made after original antique models by, for example, Albert Mayer for the famous German tin factory WMF. But also more modern interpretations that are suitable for a tea light.

Because a candlestick lasts a lifetime, it is a good choice to give a beautiful example for a wedding or anniversary.