Art Deco and Art Nouveau Bracelets

19 October 2020 10:00
Arms almost always move. When exercising and relaxing, during work, and even when we are just talking to each other. Arms are used to carry out activities, but they also support our oral language as mimicry in order to accentuate or explain a particular argument or reasoning. Or we are just chatting with each other. Just pay attention to the poor, they are constantly busy! Is my hair or scarf all right? Dirt in the eye? We often reach out to the other person for a pat on the back or a little caress. Arms and wrists are eye-catchers and therefore like to be decorated with the most beautiful bracelets!

Bracelets can beautifully adorn wrists and fit well with the wearer's personality and the chosen clothing. At Artdecowebstore you can get arm jewellery that stands out!

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      Silver Butterfly Yasmin Bracelet
     Yvette Bracelet     

Art Nouveau bracelets with elegantly wavy motifs in the form of stylised flowers, animals or even ladies. Spectacular Art Deco bracelets with geometric designs in clean lines, form an impeccable band around the wrist and profile in a tough way!

Most offered Art Nouveau bracelets and Art Deco bracelets are made of gold or silver. There are models with enamel, pearls, gemstones, marcasite or glass to admire. The common denominator of all these special bracelets is artistry. Count on these jewels to catch the eye. A bracelet is a nice occasion to give and receive compliments! A bracelet is a nice gift to give to a loved one...