Indian Summer

26 September 2020 10:00
Autumn is a wonderful season! No exaggeratedly high temperatures, but a pleasant autumn sun that plays with beautiful shades of yellow, brown to orange and red. Rain showers and storms are also part of it. Outside it is rather dark, so sit on the couch with a plaid. And create atmosphere with Tiffany lamps. These "stained glass" lamps Coloured by Art© are like jewellery. Be amazed by the warm colour shades in the glass!

Orange! The colour is created when the colours yellow and red are mixed. Various colour shades can be created in this way, warm colours. Orange reminds us of the Dutch royal family, the Dutch national team, Indian Summer, but also of the seventies. In this period an international interior style emerged: warm colours in orange were popular, often in combination with yellow and brown. Coloured colours such as purple and hard green were also frequently used in geometric patterns and floral prints. The then wallpaper made an unforgettable impression. Dark furniture, plant hangers made of macramé, rattan chairs and lots of plants made the interior wonderfully livable and pleasant. All these ingredients are now very hip and trendy again! And yes, the fifties, sixties and seventies styles are certainly based on the Art Deco style. The Art Deco art style is the founder of the new modern art. Without Art Deco there is no modernism.

Light and colour
Tiffany is a technique in which glass is cut into pieces according to a pattern, then the glass shapes are wrapped with copper foil and soldered together. The pieces of glass used for this are unique in themselves. Both the texture of the glass pieces and the colours can vary. It becomes even more special when a light source is added. Tiffany lamps are handcrafted by hand. And what a surprise! There are many new Tiffany lamps to be found at Art Deco Webshop. Tiffany Coloured by Art© lamps are unique and thoughtful designs. Take a look for yourself! Love Shine a Light! 

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