18 November 2022 14:00
Psst... Psst... Art Deco Webstore has something to say! Listen and spread the word. It is colourful and stylised. It gives light and is not just a lamp. It is distinct and beautiful. It can move and amaze. It is fantastic to give and to obtain. It is ART, of course, but RA RA what do we mean????


At Art Deco Webstore, we love animals

During the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco-style animals were often used as architectural details. Exotic influences also played a role during these years.

Cats are generally everyone's favourite: A cat is quirky, an aristocratic animal, agile, unpredictable, yet cuddly. A fun pet!

The snoozing stylised cat by Coloured by Art© is a beauty, the Tiffany glass geometric fan shape around the animal creates a kind of halo and puts the sculpture in the light, literally and figuratively as it were!

A deer is always endearing. Brown eyes with an innocent look. Who doesn't love that. A deer or doe is also shy, you signal the animal, but immediately the animal runs like a phantom back into the dense forest. The forest is associated with warm colours. Brown, orange, yellow and shades of blue. The beautiful little deer by Coloured by Art© shines through the oval Tiffany panel in the evening sun.

A squirrel is a lightning-fast animal. Cute to look at, especially the tail is impressive. Gnawing is the creature at rest. The Art Deco squirrel from Coloured by Art© remains calm on a colourful canopy of Tiffany glass, which may have tasty nuts among them.