Art Nouveau Chandeliers

27 September 2014 13:16
Are you looking for an impressive chandelier that is elegant at the same time? Art Deco Web Store has fantastic Art Nouveau chandeliers and Jugendstil chandeliers that are truly a feast for the eyes. Every interior will look grand with an Art Nouveau chandelier.

Victor Horta and Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Chandeliers in the style of famous Art Nouveau artists: Art Deco Web Store has chandeliers available in the Victor Horta style and Mackintosh style. The Victor Horta Chandelier Elegance is a masterpiece. The 5-light Jugendstil Art Nouveau chandelier gracious lamp is de crème de la crème and it is made in the style of the famous Belgian architect Victor Horta (1861 – 1947). During the Art Nouveau period, Horta designed wayward lines that were angular and flowing at the same time. There is also a version with three lights, which is just as interesting. Just like Horta, the famous British designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928) also created shapes that were angular yet flowing. The stylized rosebud, also called the Mackintosh rose, is his most famous example. These Mackintosh roses have been incorporated in the Mackintosh chandelier in a remarkable way. The stylized roses and stylistic interplay of lines have been united in a sublime way in this artistic, bronze chandelier. The Victor Horta chandelier and Mackintosh chandelier will look like true works of art in your interior.

Victor Horta 3-lichts kroonluchter Elegantie  Victor Horta 5-lichts kroonluchter Elegantie

Floral chandeliers

The Art Nouveau style sets itself apart by using botanical motifs, such as leaves and floral shapes. Chandelier Delightful is a pleasantly priced chandelier that looks stunning in an interior based on Art Nouveau. Its rust-coloured fitting with leaves and mouth-blown enamel lampshades appeal to the imagination. The same type of lampshades can also be seen on de Arcade 7-lights and Arcade 10-lights chandelier. The curling lines that are distinctive for the Jugendstil style have been incorporated beautifully in the Aranca chandelier. This handmade chandelier can rightly be called spectacular.

Kroonluchter Delightful  Kroonluchter Aranca


Are you looking for an impressive Art Nouveau lamp to hang, for instance, in the hallway, but wanting something different than a chandelier? The Venetian Hanging Lamp Torsi would be a stunning alternative. This lamp seems to come straight out of a fairytale and will look amazing in an Art Nouveau interior. If you are in need of a lamp above the dining room table, T-hanging lamp Double Nouveau will be perfect. Go to the category Chandeliers to view all the remarkable and artistic Art Nouveau chandeliers in our collection.

Venetiaanse Hanglamp Torsi  T-hanglamp Double Nouveau