New Art Nouveau Picture Frames

30 November 2016 18:00
Pictures add a personal touch to the interior. Besides, a picture frame with a decorative frame is a true eye-catcher in your home. This means that picture frames are perfect home furnishings and the perfect gift for any occasion.

Stylish Gifts

Art Deco Web Store offers many different kinds of picure frames to choose from: sleek and modern or nostalgic and floral. You will find Art Deco picture frames or Jugendstil picture frames in various price ranges. The stunning picture frames with a decorative frame of elegant tulips are new. The picture frames are available in a silver-plated variety and a cream-coloured variety. Both can be ordered in various sizes. Their lively, elegant shape goes really well with the Art Nouveau style. The luxurious look of the silver-plated picture frame turns this item into the perfect gift. Besides the recently-arrived picture frames, Art Deco Web Store has many other picture frames in its collection. Silver-plated picture frames are always popular and look at home in many interiors. Tin, glass and wood are also popular materials for picture frames and each creates a characteristic atmosphere. Other than that, Art Deco Web Store has many fun models in its collection that are based on the designs of the Jugendstil movement or on artwork by Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha.

Fotolijst Tulpen in Crème 15x15 cm Picture Frame Lucerna  3 Wooden Zebrano Picture Frames

Family photos and artistic cards

Choose a luxurious picture frame of Art Deco Web Store to frame your most beautiful family picture, picture of your loved one, children or grandchildren, holiday home or picture of your pets. This way, your interior gets a personal touch. Artistic cards or cards from museums are perfect for framing. Have a look in the category Diaries, Cards and Calendars to see our artistic cards. Place a picture frame or a cluster of picture frames on the table, dresser, cabinet or shelf. Picture frames make every room more beautiful. Think of placing one in the hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom or even the bathroom. Give a personal touch to these spaces by decorating them with Art Deco picture frames or Art Nouveau picture frames. Have a look in the category Picture Frames to see our entire collection. 

Set of 2 Photo Frames Valencia Picture Frame The KissDeux Silver Photo Frame