Store Jewellery Safe and Dust-Free

6 March 2013 14:44
Saturday night. A romantic dinner in a nice restaurant has been planned. There is not a lot of time to change your clothes since you have had a busy day. Quickly, you pull your favourite dress from the wardrobe. Then it is time for the details: beautiful make-up and, as a finishing touch, jewellery. You would like to wear the earrings that you got for your birthday since they match the dress perfectly, but, wherever you look, one of the earrings cannot be found.

A stylish jewellery box will rid you from this problem forever. Make sure all your jewellery is stored in a complete, orderly and dust-free manner in one of Art Deco Web Store’s beautiful jewellery boxes. We have a wide range of jewellery boxes available online: large, small, stylish, classic, colourful, timeless, for women and for men. Jewellery boxes with enough space for a large collection of jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings and cufflinks. Or store make-up in a jewellery box. It comes in handy on a dressing table or in the bathroom. Various jewellery boxes come with a mirror and a matching travel case. There are also luxurious jewellery boxes that have a drawer that opens automatically when the lid is lifted.

Trendy and colourful

Striking jewellery boxes that should be seen by everyone: Art Deco Web Store has plenty of trendy jewellery boxes. Take jewellery box Python: it has a wonderfully charming, taupe snake skin print that is made of imitation leather. The Crocodile leather jewellery case is also absolutely fashionable. It can easily be mistaken for a handbag: a fashionable and chic model that refers to the Fifties. This case should be displayed in the bedroom or bathroom. Those who love colours that pop will like the jewellery box Fiesta. It comes in no less than 4 festive colours. Other special models can be found in Jewellery cases; a subcategory of Jewellery and Jewellery boxes. All models are very beautiful and carefully manufactured.

Classic and timeless

Classic bijou boxes with all modern comforts: they can be found on Art Deco Web Store. Jewellery box LED is a compact model with led-lighting. This way, jewellery can also easily be found in a twilit or dark room. Jewellery box Highlight is particularly chic. This box is also fitted with led-lighting. Jewellery box Classy is made of brown leather and has a stylish, classic look. For men, there are also men’s jewellery boxes such as Samson, Grande and Deluxe. They are comfortable and easy storage solutions.

Safe and dust-free

A jewellery case or jewellery box can not only store the jewellery in a complete and orderly manner, it also keeps the jewellery free of any dust. This way, precious family heirlooms and other valuable jewellery stays beautiful for a long time and they do not need to be polished as often. Jewellery is also a desirable catch for burglars. Make sure to store jewellery (boxes) in a safe when you are away from home for a long time. If a safe only offers a limited space, the jewellery case Safe could provide a solution: it can safely store the most precious pieces of jewellery. This case fits in most safes due to its convenient size.