The butterfly, symbol of transformation...

24 June 2020 14:00
The butterfly, the symbol of transformation... This time of year, they can be seen all around us! Besides being a wonderful source of inspiration for growth and development, the diverse colours and frivolous patterns make the butterfly a perfect subject for artists.

Butterflies or creatures associated with them as well as dragonflies and fairies are particularly popular in Art Nouveau (1890-1914), a movement that attached great importance to symbolism and mystery. The association of butterflies with metamorphosis and movement was precisely in line with the social changes and industrialisation taking place at that time. This led to spectacular butterfly art.

Collier Fairytale in Emaille                         Tiffany Hanglamp Fly Away

Of course the designs in the Art Deco period (1920-1939) took a completely different form. Still, although a lot more geometric and more tightly executed, butterflies, dragonflies or winged women have a place in this movement.

Tasspiegel Vlindervreugde                          Collier Deco Dragonfly
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