Roses: Symbol of love

22 September 2022 14:00
The rose is a famous flower and reminds everyone of love. A red rose portrays perfection and eternal fidelity, making it a popular love symbol. Not only their beauty, but also their fragrance makes roses beloved.

British painter John William Waterhouse delicately managed to capture deliciously fragrant roses in the painting 'The Soul of the Rose' (1908). It resulted in a romantic, sensual depiction of a woman in a garden. Looking at this depiction, it is not hard to imagine how the rose stimulates her senses.

At Art Deco Webstore, roses can be found in all kinds of different applications. Think of photo frames to frame a photo of a loved one with roses. There are also very practical applications that make daily chores a lot more fun such as tea towels or an apron. Or both practical and decorative in the form of porcelain boxes with romantic representations.


Common designs include those by Scottish Art Nouveau designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). Particularly of the rosebud, often combined with elegant vertical lines. The vertical interplay of lines was characteristic of the designer. The artist incorporated the typical stylistic rose in many art objects and interiors. The Mackintosh rose was highly innovative thanks to its geometric patterns.

Give a piece of jewellery with stylised roses as a gift to someone you love dearly. Or instead of flowers that wilt, give an artistic vase. Vase Mackintosh Rose is a beautiful art object in its own right. Heartwarming is Scatter Cushion Mackintosh. With this beautiful cushion, you are always surrounded by sweet roses.


Stroll through the special ROSES category as if it were a fragrant rose bed and be amazed by all the beauty!