TWENTIES - 20's lamps

11 September 2021 12:00
Great, great fun! The 20's ceiling lamps and table lamps, designed and developed by Art Deco Trade under the brand name Colored by Art©, are now for sale! Magnificently beautiful lamps with artisan glass as an eye-catcher, where the glossy fixtures (also made by hand) can be chosen in shiny nickel, brass, bronze and matte nickel.


Twenties and Thirties style ceiling lights. Reviving the Roaring Twenties of the Last Century!

The 20's are nostalgic models that certainly live up to a modern feel. The decorative shades of these lamps are mouth-blown and available in opal white and clear glass. The glass shades can easily be attached to the fixture by means of matching screws.The fittings are available in shiny Nickel, but also in Brass, Bronze and Matt Nickel.