Upholstering Furniture

10 October 2015 16:57
Art Deco Web Store has a lot of experience when it comes to (re)upholstering Furniture. Whether it is worth the trouble to reupholster your old piece of furniture depends on various factors. Due to the costs, it is usually decided to purchase a new piece of furniture.


As an expert in the area of Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture and applied arts, Art Deco Web Store often receives questions about the possibilities when reupholstering a piece of furniture. With or large collection of Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture fabrics it is not difficult to fantasise about your old piece of furniture fitted with stunning, new furniture fabric that is to your taste. However, when choosing to reupholster your piece of furniture, it is important to take a few things into consideration. The price for reupholstering usually comes close to the price of a new, similar piece of furniture! So the most important questions is: is it worth the effort to reupholster my old piece of furniture? When you have managed to get a piece of furniture for a low piece on a junk sale or in a second hand shop, it usually is not worth reupholstering it. Often it is not just the upholstery that is in a bad condition, but also the wood work or inner springs. That is why you need to take the following factors into account:

- Does the old, worn upholstery still need to be removed? When removing the old upholstery, there is a chance that the wood gets damaged. This will need to be restored as well. It is also possible to remove the fabric yourself.

- Does the woodwork need to be restored? Think, for instance, of gluing, sanding or varnishing.

- Are the springs still in good shape? If this is not the case, they will also need to be replaced with a new innerspring or a foam filling. The webbing at the bottom of the seat might also be in need of replacing.

- Does the filling in the back support or arm rests need to be replaced?

- What finish needs to be selected? Think, for instance, of piping (fabric or leather), decorative nails or other decorations.

- How many metres of fabric are needed?

- How many hours of labour are needed? At Art Deco Web Store, reupholstering is always done by a professional upholsterer. This manual profession is very labour intensive. Naturally it is also possible to only order a few metres of fabric at Art Deco Web Store and use an upholsterer selected by yourself.

- What are the shipping costs? Art Deco Web Store can collect the piece of furniture from your home and deliver it back to you, but you can also take care of transportation yourself to cut back on the costs.

All in all, you will understand that reupholstering a piece of furniture really has to be worth all the effort. This can be the case when you have acquired a remarkable, authentic Art Deco armchair, Amsterdam School chair or Art Nouveau chair that has been valued and is worth the effort of reupholstering. A piece of furniture designed by a famous designer or famous factory also has a lot of potential. Reupholstering a piece of Schuitema furniture, for instance, could be very attractive. Their pieces of furniture have proven to have enough quality and aesthetic value that they are worth reupholstering. Additionally, when you have bought a piece of furniture at an auction that was given a high value, you can assume that the piece of furniture deserves a second life. Finally, there are pieces of furniture with an emotional value. An heirloom that you want to restore for now and later can definitely be worth the effort to be fitted with a stunning, new furniture fabric. Do you doubt about the value of a piece of furniture? We advise you to first have the piece of furniture valued before asking about the possibilities when it comes to reupholstering. It is not possible to have furniture valued by Art Deco Web Store.

Choosing a furniture fabric

When you have decided whether you want to reupholster a piece of furniture or opt for a new piece of furniture from Art Deco Web Store, a fabric can be selected from the extended and exclusive furniture fabric collection by Art Deco Web Store. Whether it is a sofa, arm chair, dining room chair, foot stool, hocker, piano stool, couch or chaise longue: every piece of furniture can be turned into a piece of art with a personal touch that you will enjoy for years to come. There is a choice between various styles, many patterns and a rich palette of colours and shades. Due to our experience in the area of Art Deco furniture fabrics and Jugendstil furniture fabrics, we will give you professional advice. An experienced employee will listen to your wishes and keep the style of your interior in mind. We strive to harmonise the new furniture fabric with the shape and look of the piece of furniture. Think for instance of angular, slick shapes or rounded shapes, sculptural or refined and elegant. You could opt for a bold parabola motif, a refined geometrical Art Nouveau design, a repetitive Art Deco pattern on a chic, shiny fabric or a botanical / floral motif in the whimsical Jugendstil style. There are countless possibilities! We also take into account the pattern when upholstering, so that the flower or ornament looks its most beautiful on the seat or arm rest. Finally, the possibilities when it comes to the final details are discussed, such as piping, decorative nails or other decorations.

New piece of furniture

When you have decided that a new sofa or chair is the best alternative for reupholstering your old piece of furniture, you can search for new furniture that sits as comfortably as your old, beloved piece of furniture. Art Deco Web Store is the perfect place to purchase new furniture in the typical Art Deco style, much like furniture in the Jugendstil style. In short: high quality furniture that is designed after original models from the period 1880 to 1940 or have been based on furniture from this artistic period, like the famous Schuitema furniture. Art Deco Webwinkel offers the stunning Schuitema furniture collection in the category Furniture. After choosing a couch and/or sofa, the colour samples come out so you can choose a matching fabric with the help of an experienced employee. The new piece of furniture is made upon order and it is upholstered. When it is finished you can enjoy your new, unique couch or sofa that has been upholstered to fit your personal wishes, matching the style of your interior.

Have a look at the category Furniture to see our stunning collections of Sofas / Chairs and Furniture Fabrics.

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