Van Gogh Year

13 August 2015 11:56
The year 2015 has officially been announced to be the Van Gogh year. 125 years after his death, the art of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) seems to be more alive than ever. Have a look at the artistic Van Gogh items at Art Deco Web Store.


Sunflowers, Irises and Almond blossom: Van Gogh has immortalised these flowers by painting them on canvas in a stunning way. The summery, whimsical and sometimes wild Sunflowers in their vases, the Irises, for which Van Gogh gained inspiration by looking at Japanese block-books and the sparkling Almond blossom, a symbol for spring and new life, painted for his newborn nephew Vincent Willem. These stunning pieces of art have been used in the bag collection of Art Deco Web Store. The bags come in various models: shoulder bags, evening purses, toiletry / makeup bags, a  pouch bag and a backpack. The bags are of beautiful, woven quality and they are made of luxurious fabrics. Let yourself be tempted by the warm yellow and orange Sunflowers, the bluish purple of the Irises or the sparkling Almond blossom. Have a look in the category Bags to view the entire collection.

Home furnishings

Besides the bag collection, Art Deco Web Store also has home furnishings featuring the artwork by Vincent van Gogh. The tapestry Almond Blossom has a grand effect on the atmosphere in the interior. The white and pink blossom glow set against the sky blue background. The Almond Blossom artwork can also be seen on a porcelain vase and a tea-light holder. There is also choice between small glass lanterns and a glass clock. Finally, it is also possible to wear the Almond Blossom close to your heart with the necklace Almond Blossom. Van Gogh’s Irises have been incorporated  in this glass vase in a magnificent way. There is also a handy compact mirror available with its image on it. The paperweight with the Sunflowers casts a sunny outlook on pieces of paper that are laying about.

Diary & Calendar

Want to enjoy a different piece of art by Van Gogh every week? Purchase the Van Gogh weekly diary 2016. There is also a Van Gogh birthday calendar which has a different expressionistic image every month. Both items also make for fun gifts!

Van Gogh Collectie