VIP Delivery

5 September 2015 15:51
A sunny day in August, a purple antique car that is 55 years old and a lovely order from a client. You do not need much more for a remarkable ‘Scandinavian’ adventure in our own country.

Trusty steed

On a sunny day in August, staff at the The Blue Art Barn starts reminiscing about rides in our trusty ‘company car’, the 55 year old vehicle, that have happened in the past. The idea is formed to deliver the order of a good customer in a fun way by bringing it ourselves using the stylish old timer. In the past, the car was used a lot for promotional rides in and around Leerdam. It was always a fun activity to hand out promotional folders for The Blue Art Barn, the historical farm on which Art Deco Web Store has established itself, during these rides. The Volvo, or a Special P54404-A with a 4 cylinder motor that has 60 horse power, has always been an eye-catcher since the car has been painted in a purple colour that we love, but that outrages Volvo fans. Sadly, the driving drips have become less frequent over the years. It is about time to get our noble steed out of the stable for a ride.

Scandinavian design

Of course, it is very appropriate to deliver the order, a Louis Poulsen lamp that has a Scandinavian design, with a Volvo, that also has a Scandinavian design. The car clearly has not been made to carry a lot of boxes, because it was not easy to fit the lamps into the car. However, after a while we succeeded! We are looking forward to driving around the beautiful Vijfheerenlanden and Alblasserwaard area and we are very curious about our customer’s response when we arrive in the vintage car. The whole affair has attracted the attention of some members of our team. When we are finally ready to leave, the others cheerfully waved us goodbye.


Of course everyone is excited to find out if this VIP (Very Iconic Poulsen) delivery will be a success but taking the 1960 car’s kvaliteit into consideration, this will definitely end well. There is no need to have any concerns about the quality of the lamps. Poulsen lamps are high-quality products and they have been wrapped in a skillful manner. This perfection will definitely be appreciated by the customer and we hope that our client will still be able to enjoy the lamps after 55 years.

Would you like to know how the VIP delivery with the purple Volvo ends? Keep following the blogs by Art Deco Web Store!

Collage De VIP aflevering