In the style of: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

31 October 2018 15:30
It's cold outside. Time to enjoy the relaxation in the house! According to Art Deco Web Store, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is the ultimate watch. A perfect combination of entertainment and inspiration...

The series in a nutshell? Glamor, murder, romance and mystery in Melbourne in the 1920s. With an overwhelming female lead in the form of the independent, charming and clever private detective Phryne Fisher.

Jazz cafés and hotel lobbies

The series, based on the books by Kerry Greenwood, shows in addition to the exciting murder cases a beautiful picture of the spirit of the times, full of jazz cafés and chic hotel lobbies. Bobline hairstyles, festive necklaces, daring flapper dresses, red lips, scarves, elegant hats and radiant brooches are also omnipresent.

Interior and appearance

The series breathes Art Deco. Not surprising: in 1920 the popular style movement started to peak. But not only in the field of fashion, beauty and jewelry, Miss Fisher is Art Deco. Also in the houses and locations that can be seen in the series, the style is respected through furniture, wallpaper, fabrics and lamps.

Miss Fisher

Shop the series!

At Art Deco Web Store many products can be found that are completely in the mood of Miss Fisher. Think of the beautiful gold colored brooch/pendant Irish Sun Pearl worn as a chain or the Art Deco Brooch Square to pin up as an eye-catcher on a dress. The Geometric earrings and the Noir envelops also seem to have been removed from a jazz club from the 1920s and 1930s. There is also plenty of choice for men. Including the classic cufflinks for formal and informal occasions with an Art Deco twist.

Envelop bag Brooch/pendant Irish Sun

Matching interior items include the radiant Wing cushion, with sleek geometric shapes in a purple hue on shiny fabrics. Also wallpaper Carraway, with its subtle glitters and shapes, could have hung on the chamber walls of the Australian detective. And what about lighting, such as the Tiffany clock/table lamp French Art Deco and the accompanying series. We wish you a lovely 'bingewatch and shopping spree'!

Pillow Wing

There are three seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Have you seen all episodes already? Production for a film started in October: Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears.