Wiener Werkstätte

14 November 2013 11:12
The Wiener Werkstätte was a group of artist in Vienna that let themselves be inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. They existed from 1897 to 1914. The artists strove for a new language of shapes; a geometric take on Art Nouveau. Some of its famous members were Gustav Klimt, Joseph Hoffmann, Otto Wagner, Egon Schiele and Koloman Moser.

Jugendstil crafts

The Wiener Secession was founded in 1897 and it is also the name of the local variety of Jugendstil. In 1903, the Wiener Secession resulted in the foundation of the Wiener Werkstätte, an ideological community for the applied arts. Just like the Arts and Crafts movement, the Wiener Werkstätte strove to produce their art in a traditional way: it rebelled against mass production and making profits was seen as inferior. The artists created work for a selective market since the unique objects could not be afforded by everyone due to the traditional handiwork and exclusive materials. Jewellery, fabrics, ceramics, clothes and furniture were handmade by the members and they followed the artistic guidelines of Jugendstil: elegant yet functional, often with geometric lines. A Gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art) was one of the most significant art forms created by the Wiener Werkstätte as it allowed artists from various disciplines to work together on one big piece of art, such as a Jugendstil house with matching home furnishings.

Today’s Wiener Werkstätte

Until the thirties of the 20th century, designers of the Wiener Werkstätte were leaders in the field of art. However, it had to close its doors in 1932 due to economical factors. Today, the legacy of this group of artists is of great value within the art world. The influence of the Austrian Jugendstil movement can clearly be seen in various exclusive products at Art Deco Web Store as well. Multiple, original designs by the Wiener Werkstätte are available at Art Deco Web Store. This, among others, includes an exclusive brooche, furniture set, fabulous handbag, Klimt handbag, various carpets and furniture fabrics with authentic designs by the Wiener Werkstätte. Similar to the Wiener Werkstätte, there products are made in a traditional way and use exclusive materials. A unique, artistic product can be found online at Art Deco Web Store.