New Nathalie bags!

7 November 2015 13:00
In 2014, The Blue Art Barn introduced the Nathalie bag: a beautiful handbag with a remarkable story. We have not stopped working since then and now the collection of Nathalie bags has been extended with stylish clutches and elegant purses.


The Nathalie bags have been made exclusively for The Blue Art Barn and have their own label that can be recognized by Nathalie’s signature. The bag label has been brought to life by Nathalie herself, a young designer who passed away due to the consequences of melanoma cancer, a form of skin cancer, in 2011. During her illness, she made a design for a bag that she wanted to give to her loved ones to remember her by. To fulfill Nathalie’s dream, her relatives decided to sell Nathalie’s bag and donate the profits to the Dutch Melanoma foundation. And that is how the first Nathalie handbags arrived in the web stores of The Blue Art Barn last year. Soon it was decided that the collection should be expanded with evening bags and clutches according to Nathalie’s design. Now the first few bags have arrived and they are absolutely stunning! We cannot wait to show you the bags in our web stores, but before that happens we would like to ask you to be patient: we are busy with the preparations and you will be able to order the bags very soon. Keep an eye on the web store or ‘like’ the Blue Art Barn Web Stores on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. We can already tell you the following about the new Nathalie bags: the clutches and purses are available in many different editions and all of them are unique since they are made of exclusive and luxurious fabrics in stunning colours and different designs. Whether you like intense colours or lean more towards soft ones, a geometrical Art Deco motif or a more floral Art Nouveau motif or an exciting combination of both: there is a Nathalie bag for every type of woman. This way, we make women happy with a unique bag and you can support the Melanoma foundation’s research to prevent melanoma cancer. The Nathalie bag unites fashion and charity in a stylish way. Click here to read the entire story.   

Clutches or evening purses

The Nathalie clutches or evening purses are perfect for a night out. Chic and stylish. The most important items fit perfectly inside it, like your wallet, phone, (sun)glasses and makeup. The evening purse’s size is also ideal when you are going out for a day, for example on a holiday trip, and you do not want to bring too many things. Naturally, the clutch is also the perfect bag for a party, like a wedding. Be fashionable and keep in it your hand or use the elegant, leather shoulder strap if you prefer wearing it over the shoulder. The Nathalie evening purse can already be ordered in the beautiful fabric Hartblad, which matches with the Handbag Nathalie Hartblad.

Etuis or makeup bags

The convenient etuis are multifunctional. They are just as chic and stylish as the evening purses, but they are just a bit smaller so they can also be used as a makeup bag or toiletry bag, pencil case for pens and pencils, wallet or storage bag for jewellery and other small items such as haberdashery. Maybe you have a different purpose in mind for the Nathalie etui, but it is clear that the possibilities of this elegant Nathalie bag are very diverse! The Nathalie etui can already be ordered in the stunning Hartblad fabric, that matches the Evening purse Nathalie Hartblad and the Handbag Nathalie Hartblad.  

Gifts ideas

The Nathalie bag is the perfect Christmas present. It is a special gift with a beautiful story. Have a look in the category Bags to see all Nathalie bags and keep an eye on the web store or our Facebook page to see new editions that will soon be available for purchasing. Below you will see an impression of the different kinds of fabrics from which the Nathalie bags are made.