Furniture to instantly fall in love with

5 February 2020 9:47
Interior lovers will undoubtedly recognise it: you enter a house and your eye is immediately drawn to an eye-catching piece of furniture. Whether it's the material, the colour or placement, it's just right. The effect that furniture can have on you... At Art Deco Webshop you will find various cupboards, tables and coat racks to lose your heart to.

The it-factor

One of the aspects of a durable and timeless piece of furniture is the use of materials. Pure and honest woods such as oak, mahogany, rosewood and maple give a cupboard or table cachet. You immediately see that the quality is good! Look for example at table Flow: an elegant sidetable in smooth lines. The combination of mahogany and rosewood santos wood allows the connoisseur to see the striped lines in yellow-brown to red and dark brown shades. The table is based on the works of the famous French Art Deco designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann (1879-1933).

Tafel Flow Tafel Flow

Art Deco cabinets

If you're looking for a storage unit that combines functionality with style, that's obvious. A (storage) cabinet or sideboard shines through the use of special details. For example, shiny ornaments, eccentric handles or decorative decorations. The details do it! Cabinet Fiftie winks back to the fifties with its flared legs and light-coloured top. Storage in style is also easier than ever with the Bloques Chique cabinet. The Mahogany cabinet is ultra luxurious with the geometric pattern and the black patinated top.

Kabinetkast Fiftie  Kabinetkast Bloques Chique

Cabinets with class

The nice thing about a lower cabinet is that there is enough space to make the furniture even more beautiful by placing a matching or contrasting lamp or sculpture on it. Chest of drawers Exotic is with the Japanese cherry branches a painting in itself - a sleek table lamp or mirror finishes it off! Cabinet Sunburst, in pallisander santos, also lends itself to the use of artistic sculptures.

Ladekast Exotic

Valentine shopping

Look in the special category for even more special furniture. Some of the furniture can also be admired in real life in our showroom. Ask about the possibilities and drop by. Tip: next Saturday, February 8th, our theme day Valentine's Day will take place. The perfect opportunity to lose heart to the furniture collection of Art Deco Webshop...