Glass Art by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

21 October 2016 10:58
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is seen as one of the most influential architects of all times. He did not just design buildings, but also created more than 4000 stained glass panels and lamps.

Geometric interplay of lines

The stained glass windows of Tiffany panels harmonise beautifully with his geometrical building style. Wright’s architecture is seen as part of the modernist movement and it was his individual, typical style that made him a pioneer of the modern building style. Typical features of his style are horizontal lines, an open plan, abstract and cubistic shapes and later also circle shapes. His stained glass windows immediately show these fascinating, geometrical lines. The so-called ‘prairie style’ is usually named in one breath with Wright. This style is set apart by the practical composition and the coherency between the house and its surroundings. For Wright, it was important that a building blends into its surroundings.

Source of Inspiration

Even though Wright remained mysterious about his sources of inspiration and wanted to use this mystery to emphasize his own, renewed style, it seems that the architect got inspired by the Wiener Secession and the Arts and Crafts movement during his stay in Europe. This influence can be seen in the high-quality tradework and the natural colours in interior and exterior designs. When Wright journeyed to Japan, he was also influenced by the traditional Japanese architecture, probably by the transparency, consistency and balance between buildings and nature. The Frank Lloyd Wright Tiffany lanterns clearly show the authentic Japanese style. These lanterns are available in two editions at Art Deco Web Store: with details of green glass and green/orange glass. 

Tiffany application

Wright designed stained glass designs for doors, windows, skylights, lit ceiling panels, lamps and wall panels. He used transparently-coloured, iridescent and clear glass. You can imagine that the effect of daylight coming into your house through the coloured glass is magnificent. In the evening and on cloudy days, lighting also creates a sublime effect. The geometrical Tiffany collection of Art Deco Web Store is the ultimate tribute to what could be considered the biggest architect of all time. The collection has panels and lighting based on the most beautiful stained glass designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. When you leaf through the art of Wright in a book or maybe even visit the buildings you will immediately see the influence of his work on the Tiffany lamps and decorations of Art Deco Web Store. Those who want to continue the typical style of Wright in their homes can shop to their heart’s content at our web store:

Top row: Frank Lloyd Wright Tiffany Paneel, Tafellamp Tiffany Grand Mathematic, Tiffany Hanglamp Frank Lloyd Wright 

Middle row: Tiffany Hanglamp Geometric, interieur Little House van F.L. Wright, Tiffany Tafellamp Geometric

Bottom row: Tiffany Vloerlamp Rising Sun, Tiffany Windlicht Facet, Tiffany Raampanelen Mathematic

Tiffany Geometric Lamps