On the road to the Discover & Experience cycle route of Between Lek & Linge

22 May 2023 13:00
Spot a purple heron, taste homemade apple pie in various tea gardens and imagine yourself in another time in the historic streets of Ameide and Leerdam. It's all possible during the new Discover & Experience cycle route of Between Lek & Linge and the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden. Algemeen Dagblad set out to experience the mix of nature, history, culture, crafts and regional products first hand. And what's so fun! The blue part is also mentioned in this route and a beautiful photo has been placed in the newspaper. We are of course very proud again.

Discovering the artisanal story behind the reed weaving mill, the glassworks and the cheese or ice-cream farm is beautiful. Experiencing it is still done by walking inside yourself and - if possible - literally tasting the craft.

But for those who wish to choose their stops carefully during the 44-kilometre cycling tour (AD offers a free account, the link works after a personal login), the experience information boards with QR codes along the way offer a solution. Scan the code and a video will take you to the story behind the location. During the Discover & Experience route, you can stimulate all your senses, because there is a lot to experience in the Lek & Linge region.

The second-to-last part of the ride takes you through Meerkerk, where you can take a trip to national monument De Stijve Molen. Not to be missed is the water tower - for some a nondescript concrete pillar, for others an indispensable landmark - an example of high-quality architecture in the so-called interbellum building style. The last part of this stage leads along the water of the canal and across the Middelkoop, towards the striking blue shutters and window frames of farm De Blauwe Deel (Art Nouveau & Art Deco). A magnificent collection is offered for sale at Art Deco Webstore

Our location can be visited, but an appointment should be made in advance.