Lovely Ladies

12 May 2020 7:00
Love for Ladies is sung in abundance. In art you also see the ladies as a source of inspiration. Think of the Mona Lisa, the Venus di Milo and The girl with the pearl earring. World famous ladies!

Also very attractive and striking are the melancholic and mysterious female figures from the Art Nouveau period (1880 - 1915). The wavy lines of these beautiful ladies with their graceful hair like lashes make an unforgettable impression.

Broche / Hanger Sarah Kandelaar / Sculptuur De Overgave

The women of the Art Deco art style (1915 - 1945) are portrayed more strictly and tightly. The geometry is important. Ladies are depicted cubist, but seductive and exciting!

 Sculptuur VivaceSculptuur Mackintosh The Wassail

The Art Deco Webstore shows plenty of ladies through applied arts. Vases, bowls, candlesticks or tea lights, clocks, umbrellas, cushions, crockery, stationery, mirrors, wall hangings, jewelry, scarves and bags. There are also books and sculptures. A lot of products that are made as an ode to women!

Ladies are indispensable, also in art. Intelligent and heartwarming women!