New Art Deco Furniture Series: stylish & expressive

23 January 2013 11:22
A beautiful, new series of furniture has been added to Art Deco Web Store’s diverse collection. Angular lines, geometrical details and a sublime finish are very characteristic of this series.

Striking details

This large series has many kinds of furniture. Each piece is made of solid cherry wood and is available in two colours: cherry or cherry red. Art Deco features can be found in all pieces of furniture. The reoccurring intarsia details are especially striking. Tapering legs and horizontal and vertical lines make the pieces look expressive. It is not uncommon for the furniture to be reminiscent of impressive Art Deco architecture.

From side tables to cupboards

Various pieces of furniture are available in different varieties. For example, the dressing table comes in two sizes, Rockefeller and Broadway. Then there is also the rectangular coffee table, Avenue, and the square coffee table, Rialto. The series also offers a variety of cupboards in different sizes: from wine cabinet Paris to cupboard Empire. The fantastically, beautiful glass door cabinet Metropolitan really catches the eye. All pieces of furniture from this new Art Deco series can be found when clicking on Furniture and visiting the categories Tables, Cabinets and Sofas and chairs.