Jugendstil Tin

5 August 2013 16:48
Ladies posing in flowing, smooth dresses surrounded by natural motifs in flowing lines do not seem to translate easily to home furnishings. Still, there are certain materials that are particularly suitable for the curved, Art Nouveau shapes and tin is certainly one of them. In the glory days of Art Nouveau, around 1900, tin became a popular material once again. This is why tin and Jugendstil form a natural combination.

WMF tin factory

Since 1880, German tinsmiths, such as the Württemberg Metalwaren Fabrik (WMF), were particularly successful. WMF produced a collection of practical tin items. Various original designs are still available at Art Deco Web Store, such as, the magnificent tray Majorelle. Plenty of tin dishes, tin candlesticks and other tin tableware in the Art Nouveau style can also be ordered at Art Deco Web Store.

Dishes and vases

Nature is the largest source of inspiration when it comes to Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. Plants, insects, birds and flowers are translated into the most graceful shapes. This can also be seen in the dish Bee on Base and the stunning bonbonnière Butterfly. Pick a lovely bouquet of wild flowers and cow parsley, a typical Art Nouveau plant, and place it in a fitting, tin, Jugendstil vase. Choose between various models which all have nature as their biggest source of inspiration. Have a look at the very attractive vase Calla and the extraordinarily beautiful vase Daydream. The complete collection of tin Jugendstil vases and dishes can be viewed in the category Vases/Dishes.

Candlesticks and picture frames

Art Deco Web Store’s collection also has various Art Nouveau candlesticks in the shape of women’s bodies, such as candlestick Isa and candlestick Bird Lady. An elegant Art Nouveau candlestick will definitely draw attention to itself and remains stunning to look at. Jugendstil candlesticks can be recognised by their winding, curved lines that have roots in the Arts and Crafts movement. Naturally, Art Deco Web Store is complete and also offers stunning tin candlesticks in more stylised, geometrical Art Nouveau shapes. Have a look at, for example, the Geometrical Art Nouveau candelabrum. The category Candlesticks allows you to order the most beautiful Jugendstil candlesticks.

Besides candlesticks, elegant Jugendstil photo frames are also available. Place a special photo in a deserving picture frame. When a tin, Jugendstil picture frame is used, the photo becomes even more special. Of course, a stylish illustration or postcard can also be placed in the frame. To view all tin picture frames, go to its category by clicking here.


There is no need to maintain tin if you desire an authentic look. Tin can become greyer over the years by oxidising, which is also called patina. Those who like to maintain the tin’s shine can easily do this by burnishing it with metal polish. When doing this, is important to really rub in the polish. It is recommended to clean the tin item once or twice a year with warm water and mild washing-up liquid. After this is done, it is important to let the tin dry completely. Under no circumstances use any abrasive cleaning substances. Art Deco Web Store’s tin is 100% lead-free!