6 January 2021 10:00
JANUARI: A fresh start to the new year! Many people have good intentions at the turn of the year. "In the new year I will do more sports, study better, visit a museum more often....". You name it. The wish can be different for everyone. A common desire of everyone from all over the world is to get the Corona virus under control. We sincerely hope and trust that this will soon succeed!

JANUARI: Let this month also be a fresh start for the house! The Christmas tree disappears, all frills and decorations are put away. Time for a new interior and nice surprising stuff....

Choose another wallpaper. A well-chosen design immediately changes the atmosphere. Or cut the knot to choose a beautiful curtain. The exclusive fabrics at Artdecowebwinkel are impressive. Equally attractive are the cushions. New cushions made with Art Nouveau or Art Deco fabric make the sofa look like new again.

In any case, time for renewal!

VALENTIJN: Time for surprises! The first upcoming "holiday" is Valentine's Day on 14 February. Nice to go on the decoration tour.

Have you had your eye on that one girl for a long time? Nice to respond to Valentine's Day right now, so send her an original gift. It can be the start of an attractive relationship. Or surprise that boy at last....

Even if you already have a partner, you can make it a sparkling day. Have an unforgettable moment with your own husband or wife, friend or girlfriend.

Pay attention to each other!