Men's Watches

14 June 2013 10:33
Haven’t bought a present for Father’s Day present yet? Give a men’s watch from Art Deco Web Store as a present. On this website, you will find a wonderful collection of bold, modern watches that also come at a great price. In short: the perfect gift for Father’s day.

Father’s Day 2013

Art Deco Web Store has a stunning collection of watches, both for men and women. Since it is Father’s Day in the Netherlands on Sunday 16 June, this blog pays particular attention to men’s watches. Art Deco Web Store has a varied collection of watches, so there is a matching watch for every type of dad.

Casual, chic or athletic?

There is a watch available for both for the athletic as well as the casually or chicly dressed dad. Does he wear a suit to work? Have a look at watch Gold-Plated and watch Wall Street. Watch Wall Street is a chic, angular model and comes in five timeless colours, including one with a rose gold-plated casing. All of them look wonderful in combination with a suit. The name of watch Adrenaline says it all: this type of watch goes well with an athletic dad. A bold watch with contrasting stitching and a clear clock-dial. Watch Project is also a top model. A modern and stylish watch for a casual man. The Project model can be ordered in five modern colours.
Even though every watch has its own style, there are all perfectly suitable to wear at work and in private.

Stainless steel and leather

The casing of nearly all watches is made of Stainless steel. Besides, all men’s watches have a leather strap (genuine leather). A robust and high-quality watch is the result. Choosing a Father’s Day present is no longer difficult! Order a luxurious gift box and make dad very happy with one of Art Deco Web Store’s watches.
Have a look at Wristwatches, a subcategory of Jewellery and Boxes to view the entire collection. Tips for more Father’s Day presents can be found in the special category Father’s Day.