See and be seen

8 September 2020 10:00
Jewellery has been worn since ancient times. At the time, the decorations were of course much more sober than contemporary jewellery. In bygone days, for example, a stone or shell was worn around the neck. Nowadays you see the most sophisticated ornaments in all sorts of sizes and materials. All the beauty is worn to impress. It gives image. It is nice to get a compliment about the jewellery that is worn. It gives an emotional value. It is often chosen with so much care....

A necklace is worn around the neck. Everyone has a different neck. Pay attention to the length of the necklace. Fits 42cm, 45cm or 50cm? Or is it better to choose a longer version of 75cm? What are you wearing? An evening dress, a jumper? Are you going Casual or Chic? It makes a lot of difference.... Cords are useful to determine the desired length with the outfit. There are also adjustable necklaces. Also note the toughness or fragility of the necklace. With a jumper a necklace may be more robust, with a décolleté the jewellery may be more filling. And what type are you? Which age fits the chosen embellishments? Well, there are so many factors!

Pendants or Brooches that also function as pendants are available from ArtDecoWebwinkel. Handy: an eyelet is attached to these brooches so that you can choose an additional chain/string by length. And how beautiful these jewels are! There are Art Deco models and Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) designs to choose from. An Art Deco pendant/brooch is characterized by a certain tightness based on a geometric design. These models are well thought out and balanced. Art Deco jewellery certainly stands out and can be worn with charm.
The JUGENDSTIL (Art Nouveau) pendants/brooches are also famous. Unique pendants/brooches in the shape of butterflies, flowers, animals and ladies. Super romantic and timeless.

Hanger Kosmos           Jugendstil Broche/Hanger Liane

Pendants on a fixed chain are also available in our passionate web shop. These ornamental shapes with a length between 42cm and 50cm will look beautiful on most people. The reason for this is that necklaces with this length usually fall exactly on, or just below the collarbone on the neck.

Collier Peridot           Collier Koraal

Art Deco necklaces and Art Nouveau necklaces, pendants, medallions and ornaments are frequently selected at Artdecowebshop and can be ordered online. All shown jewellery from Art Deco Webshop are in stock and for sale in an impressive historical showroom with ample parking space. As a precaution against the Corona virus, our showroom can be visited by appointment (max. 2 persons) from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Art Deco jewellery Art Nouveau necklaces certainly stand out and can be worn with charm. There are jewellery for sale decorated with precious stones, mother-of-pearl or beautiful enamels.
Art Deco shop sells necklaces in Sterling silver, but there are also gold-plated models.

Give a necklace as a present! To yourself or another important person. One thing is certain: It always leads to a happy and grateful face of the recipient... A piece of jewellery provides a lasting memory of special occasions, such as an anniversary, the birth of a son or daughter, a wedding, a graduation ceremony, a political event, as a travel souvenir or in memory of a deceased person. Jewellery is a symbol of friendship, love and fidelity. In short: a necklace is a special gift.