A special and atmospheric Christmas

12 December 2018 10:40
Are you excited as well? Just a little while longer and Christmas arrives. A special time full of festivities, traditions, and personal reflection. Get in the mood with Art Deco Webstore.

Gold and silver

A Christmas house in Art Deco style requires a touch of extra glamour. That fits wonderfully with the spirit of Christmas! Golden baubles, silver angel hair, stylish Christmas ornaments, together or in one color scheme: everything is permitted. But Christmas is so much more than a decorated tree. Think of Christmas branches in a lovely vase, pine cones on a special tray, and lanterns and candlesticks too. A decorated house as never before.

Ready for guests

Are you hosting a Christmas dinner or drink? Be prepared for the winter coats and umbrellas - for who knows we might get a white Christmas... A beautiful coat rack in Art Deco style is not only a sight for sore eyes, but can also serve as an extra spot for decoration. When the wine is flowing during dinner, a stylish cork will preserve the taste and provide a playful effect at the table.

Wine Cork Belle Epoque Lady  Coat Rack River Bronze | 70 cm

Time to give

Whether it is a well-deserved gift for yourself or for a loved one, at Art Deco Webstore you can find many beautiful things. Jewelry for him and for her: cufflinks for a fancy dinner, earrings to steal the show, and brooches and bracelets for timeless elegance.

In the Christmas category, you can find more gift and decoration inspiration for an atmospheric Christmas. Art Deco Webstore wishes you dazzling days!

A Christmas gift