Art Deco Web Store's Glass Gallery

22 March 2013 15:25
Leerdam is very famous for its glass. This is mostly due to the work of Leerdam’s glass designer A.D. Copier (1901-1991). When the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement were blossoming, he supervised the production of high-quality glass created in Leerdam’s glass factory. Based on his work, Art Deco Web Store has compiled a marvellous collection of glass objects in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau style.

Household names

It is no wonder that the influence of Art Deco and Art Nouveau can be seen in Copier’s work; the master of glass was the artistic supervisor in Leerdam’s glass factory in the early twenties. When it comes to decorative glass, such as the Serica and the Unica collections, geometrical lines and intense colours were abundantly represented, which often led to dramatic effects. The Art Nouveau influence can be seen in the elegant lines and soft (organic) colours. Apart from the beautifully designed decorative glass, the influence of Art Deco is also visible in glass utensils. Copier, for example, started designing the famous ‘Gilde Crockery’ which has a mathematical look. Shortly after this period, international artists were employed by the Leerdam Glass factory to design glass. A few of those names are: Frank Lloyd Wright, H.P. Berlage, Chris Lanooy, Piet Zwart, Meydam and De Bazel.

Glass gallery

Leerdam Art Deco Web store has put together a stunning collection of glass vases, bowls and sculptures which clearly shows the influence that the historical Art Deco and Art Nouveau had on glass art. Seeing as Leerdam is the home of Art Deco Web Store, our employees’ knowledge is extensive and always up to date. Art Deco Web Store is the best glass gallery in Leerdam when it comes to glass art with Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences. Abstract glass objects with a single colour, figurative glass sculptures in striking colours and magnificently, blown vases with an extraordinary colour scheme: the collection of glass is very diverse in their designs, as well as their prices.

Handmade glass

All glass objects are mouth-blown and made by hand. This makes every piece of glass art unique. The uniqueness is typical of mouth-blown glass and it makes every object extraordinary and personal. This makes a glass object a valuable gift for yourself or for somebody else. Have a look around in Art Deco Web Store’s glass gallery and find the vase, bowl or sculpture that belongs in your home. Glass objects can be found in the categories Vases/Dishes, Glass Objects and Candlesticks.