Curtains for an Art Deco Home

26 July 2013 9:37
Complete your Art Deco interior with stunning Art Deco curtains. Art Deco Web Store has a large collection of curtain fabrics in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. Naturally, geometrical shapes and floral motifs in various colours can also be found in this collection. There is always a fabric that catches the eye.

Curtain fabrics

Curtains determine the atmosphere in an interior. Besides, curtains can fend off light, keep the cold outside and provide more privacy. Floral curtain fabrics have a cheerful look. Geometrical fabrics can look angular, distinct, businesslike or bold. Whether it is for the living room, bedroom, study or office: fitting curtain fabrics can be found for every space. By selecting a particular curtain fabric, the interior will gain character.


The fabrics are turned (often still by hand) into curtains, panel curtains or roman blinds. Matching suspension systems: curtain rods, caps, inner traversing system, rails, potentially with remote control – integrated with dimmable (atmospheric) lighting, are also part of the delivery programme. We love to give advice.

Applied arts

These luxurious curtain fabrics can not just be turned into curtains, but also into a pillow case, a bedspread or a chic piece of clothing. Be creative and create a unique jacket or festive dress yourself. Artistic curtain fabrics can be bought at Art Deco Web Store. Have a look at the category Curtain Fabrics and Curtain Suspension Systems to view the collection.