Customised Artistic Decorative Cushions

6 February 2013 10:00
Art does not stop at a painting, sculpture or building. Ingenious works of art can also be found among home furnishings. One example is Art Deco Web Store’s collection of decorative cushions. Each is made of luxurious fabrics with stunning, unique Art Deco designs.

Artistic cushions

Angular lines and geometrical, repetitive motifs are typical of the fabrics that are used to create Art Nouveau and Art Deco cushions. The magnificent, artistic fabrics display motifs that have been designed by Art Nouveau and Art Deco artists. A scatter cushion is an original and unique item that provides a home with a certain atmosphere and warmth. The remarkable, beautiful, woven cushion covers are the result of traditional handiwork at a highly artistic level.

Motifs and colours

Deep, sultry colours, like red, purple and green, but also bright colours, such as blue, orange, yellow and gold, are abundantly present in Art Deco Web Store’s large collection of decorative pillows. It shows striking Jugendstil cushions based on the art of Gustav Klimt, but also decorative cushions with exotic patterns, such as the cushions Dorze and Yoruba. These two are an example of the influence African art has had on Art Deco.

Custom-made cushions

At Art Deco Web Store, it is possible to order cushions that can be delivered straight away, such as the cushion Kunstschau and the cushion Burning Desire, but it is also to possible to create your own cushion cover that meets all of your wishes. Art Deco Web Store offers a broad range of the most beautiful Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Jugendstil fabrics to realise this. These exclusive fabrics can be found at ‘Furniture fabrics’, within the category ‘Furniture’. It is possible to choose between a large or a small cushion with a round, square or rectangular shape. With or without a pillow form, fitted with a zip fastening or with no opening and, finally, there is a choice between piping and no piping.