Twenties and Thirties Interior

9 January 2016 14:40
Houses in the style of the thirties, authentic or newly build, have been the most popular in the Dutch real estate business for years. Art Nouveau houses, particularly those built at the end of the 19th century, are desired too. Art Deco Web Store is the perfect place to find items for the interior of your Nouveau, 20’ or 30’ style house.

Twenties interior

It goes without saying that an Amsterdam school interior goes very well with a twenties or thirties house. The Amsterdam School is an architectural style that manifested itself between 1910 and 1940. Typical for this style are its expressive, plastic character and the decorative elements, in the applied arts as well as in architecture. It is good to know that Art Deco designs were often incorporated in the Amsterdam School. Those who love the Amsterdam School and Art Deco style want an interior based on these historical styles. Art Deco Web Store has recently introduced a fantastic, new series of furniture in the Amsterdam School style. Within this style, there is much attention to creativity and traditional craftsmanship; the furniture series Amice was made according to the principles of this style movement, resulting in fabulous, high-quality pieces of furniture. The expressive, curved shapes and lovely combination of light and dark mahogany wood give these pieces a bold look. Exotic shapes of leaves, very popular during the Art Deco period, have been applied to the wood as decorative elements. In this furniture series, there is a 3-seater couch, armchair, coffee table and side-table available. Besides this amazing collection of furniture, there are many other items available when it comes to the Art Deco and Amsterdam School style such as lighting, wallpaper, carpets, home furnishings, decorations and our exclusive collection of furniture fabrics
Also have look at our special Amsterdam School category for a selection of our collection Amsterdam School furniture, Amsterdam School lighting and Amsterdam School home decorations. In the Collector's items category you will find unique Amsterdam School lamps which are unfortunately no longer manufactured. The last chance to get one of these wonderful lights!

Thirties interior

To contradict the wooden furniture that is particularly fitting for the Amsterdam School and Art Deco interiors, Art Deco web store also has metal furniture and chrome pipe furniture in its collection. This smooth-looking furniture originated in the thirties and it is linked to the fifties. Modern Architecture, Bauhaus, International Style, New Objectivity and Functionalism: all these art styles are part of the Modern Movement (1917 – 1940) and blossomed in the thirties. A thirties interior sets itself apart by angular designs. In the Netherlands, Functionalism was mainly represented by the style movement and furniture manufacturer Gispen between 1917 and 1940. The Gispen factory in Rotterdam (later Culemborg) started producing steel pipe furniture in 1927. Gispen eventually grew to be a pioneer in the area of industrial design and furniture design. Until this day, Gispen lamps are sold at Art Deco Web Store, Would you like to furbish your interior according to the principles of functionalism? Have a look at the pieces of Nestor furniture, the Viggo Bauhaus armchair, the Gispen Originals lamps and the Wagenfeld table lamp.

Art Nouveau Interior

Even though the Art Nouveau style blossomed in the period from 1880 – 1910, the style can easily be applied to a twenties and thirties interior. The whimsical, nostalgic style adds a certain romance to the interior without overdoing it. The Art Nouveau style or Jugendstil style can be recognised by its whiplash style, elegant and refined patterns, melancholic female figures and many botanical motifs with plants and animals as the most important source of inspiration. All examples mentioned before are part of the curvilinear Art Nouveau. The Geometrical Art Nouveau was directed more towards angular and mathematical motifs. At Art Deco Web Store, you will find many pieces of furniture and accessories to furnish your Nouveau house in style. Start with a grand effect and choose one of the luxurious wallpapers in the Art Nouveau style. Floral motifs are largely represented in our wallpaper collection. A Mucha or Klimt tapestry can be a beautiful alternative for wallpaper when you want to decorate the wall with an eye-catcher. Furniture in Art Nouveau style have been made with love for the trade and with great craftsmanship. These high-quality pieces can be found in the category Furniture. The Gallé table could definitely be the showpiece of the hallway in your Nouveau house. The geometrical Art Nouveau will be represented strongly with the Fledermaus set by Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956). A piece of furniture by Art Deco Web Store can be adjusted to the style of the interior by choosing one of the wonderful Jugendstil furniture fabrics from our exclusive collection of furniture fabrics and curtain fabrics. Naturally, it is also possible to have your own piece of Art Nouveau furniture upholstered. Click here to read more about upholstering furniture. Art Nouveau lighting determines the atmosphere. Choose from various Tiffany lamps or opt for a chic, French Art Nouveau lamp. Besides the collection of furniture, furniture fabrics, wallpaper and lighting there is also a large selection of stunning Jugendstil home furnishings and decorations, such as sculptures and scatter cushions. Complete the interior with these stylish details.

The Blue Art Barn Exclusive

Would you like to decorate your home in the twenties or thirties style, but do you wish to be advised in making your choices? The Blue Art Barn does not only provide you with a very extended assortment of furniture and home furnishings, but also with professional styling of your interior. Using the name The Blue Art Barn Exclusive, our professional stylists focus on complete Art Deco and Art Nouveau interiors: from furniture, wallpaper, lighting, curtains and tapestries to home furnishings for every room in the house. Read more about The Blue Art Barn Exclusive here.


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