Enjoy the Sun, Protect Your Skin

12 July 2014 13:16
Now that summer has started, we like to be outside and soak up the sun. But the sunlight can also be dangerous. Sun burn at a young age doubles the chance of getting melanoma, a type of skin cancer. The Dutch Melanoma Foundation commits itself to, among other things, preventing skin cancer. The Blue Art Barn supports them by selling the NATHALIE bag and a special Dikkie Dik book.

Protect your skin

‘Enjoy the sun, protect your skin’. This slogan is used by the Dutch Melanoma Foundation and the Dutch Cancer Society to emphasize the importance of using sun cream. Sun burn at a young age can have disastrous results later on while skin cancer can mostly be prevented by good sun protection. Use these tips listed by the American Cancer Society and watch the video clip of ‘The Cream Team’ on the website of the Dutch Melanoma Foundation. The book Dikkie Dik and the Smear Cat playfully explains the dangers of the sun and how to protect yourself from them; it is perfect for parents with young children. The book was published by the Dutch Melanoma Foundation and its profits are used to organize activities to prevent skin cancer.

Bag label

NATHALIE The Blue Art Barn feels especially involved with the activities of the Dutch Melanoma Foundation. This is why we sell the special NATHALIE bag, of which the profits are donated entirely to the foundation. Read this blog to find out the story behind this remarkable bag. The NATHALIE bag is made by hand, so every bag is unique. The most exclusive fabrics are used to create the bags, from artistic and classic to stylish and modern. This week, four new editions have been added to the collection: Blue Blossom, Honey Bee, Water lilies and Retro Revival. To see all of the NATHALIE bags, go to the category Bags. When buying a NATHALIE bag, you will have an amazing bag while supporting a good cause.

Nathalie Tas Waterlelies Nathalie Tas Blue Blossom

 Nathalie Tas Retro Revival Nathalie Tas Honeybee