100 Years of Amsterdam School

16 April 2016 14:00
When the prestigious Shipping House (Scheepvaarthuis in Dutch) was opened in 1916, the Amsterdam School movement also became a fact. The following years produced an explosion of beautiful Amsterdam School creations, also in the interior of houses. In 2016, you can easily apply the Amsterdam School to your own home because of Art Deco Web Store.

Living in the Amsterdam School

In 2016, we celebrate 100 years of Amsterdam School. To honour this event and to coincide with the exposition Living in the Amsterdam School in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Art Deco Web Store has created a special category called Amsterdam School. In this category, you will find a selection of items in the typical Amsterdam School style. Allow yourself to be inspired by the spectacular pieces of furniture, jewellery, lamps and home furnishings in the Amsterdam School style. The web store has many more items in which you can find the typical Amsterdam School colours and shapes. In 2016, it is possible to easily apply the Amsterdam School feel to your interior. 
In the Collector's items category you will find unique Amsterdam School lamps which are unfortunately no longer manufactured. The last chance to get one of these wonderful lights!

Architecture and interior

The Amsterdam School is a style in architectural and interior art, that manifested between 1910 and 1940 as a polar opposite of Modernist Architecture that honoured functionality, purity and simplicity. The Amsterdam School sets itself apart by the opulence of uncommon shapes and decorative elements, which is why this style of architecture is referred to as expressionist. Within this art movement, the building or object is approached as a work of art that evokes emotions. An important stylistic feature of the Amsterdam School is the attention to creativity and traditional craftsmanship. The style was unique in the Netherlands and also had influence internationally speaking. In the Twenties, the artistic movement was at its peak. Examples of the world renowned Amsterdam School architecture are the Shipping House (1916) which is currently called the Grand Hotel Amrâth (The Blue Art Barn delivered furniture for this hotel via Art Deco Web Store! Have a look at Pinterest) by architect Jan van der Meij, The Ship by Michel de Klerk and the Dutch store the Bijenkorf in The Hague by Piet Kramer. The most spectacular interior designs were, among others, created by Jaap Gidding, Michel de Klerk, Piet Kramer, Hildo Krop and Marie Kuyken.

Stylistic Features

Expressionist, uncommon use of materials, dramatic and curved Lines, daring colours, pointy corners and exuberant, decorative elements: these are some characteristics of the Amsterdam School style. This remarkable style deserves some extra attention at Art Deco Web Store as Art Deco shapes were often incorporated in the Amsterdam School style. Particularly intense colours, such as purple, red and emerald green go well with the style. The Parabola motif and whimsical patterns are also typical features of this style. Furniture made of dark, warm mahogany wood are also connected to the Amsterdam School. Have a look in various categories of Art Deco Web Store to find Amsterdam School lamps, Amsterdam School furniture, Amsterdam School ceramic, Amsterdam School textile, Amsterdam School furniture fabrics and Amsterdam School home furnishings. Discover this remarkable, Dutch art movement that has become popular all over the world at Art Deco Web Store.


Amsterdamse School

1. Rug Amsterdam School 2. Clock Lempicka Lady 3. Amsterdam School Wall Lamp 4. Furniture Fabric Calina 5. Cushion Parabola Red 6.  Armchair Amice