Bag Label NATHALIE Sponsors Dutch Melanoma Foundation

12 October 2013 15:05
The Blue Company proudly presents a new bag! A model with vivacious lines; fashionable and functional. A bag with its own label, signed NATHALIE.

Remarkable design

When Nathalie was ill, she designed a bag among other things. She wanted to give original artwork to her loved ones. She also planned to sponsor the Dutch Melanoma foundation by selling her own paintings, as many improvements can still be made in the field of preventing skin cancer. However, Nathalie was not able to realise her ideas…..

A good cause

Slowly but surely, The Blue Company developed the thought of continuing Nathalie’s ideology in some way. It would be great to support an important project by selling her bag and to make those involved feel like they can literally carry Nathalie with them and be reminded of her more often!


The Blue Company thinks it is amazing to be able to present and sell this bag. The first copy was completed this week. The entire profit of the NATHALIE bag is going to help the Dutch Melanoma foundation. The bag has a strong design and lends itself to be produced in various types of fabric. The bag will continue to be transformed in the future, which means that its price will also fluctuate. Continue to check The Blue Company’s websites: Artdecowebstore and Antiquestylewebstore.

Buy the Nathalie bag  and support the Dutch Melanoma foundation’s work!

The life of artistic designer Nathalie

Nathalie was born on 12 October 1980 in Lexmond as the eldest child in a family with 4 children. When growing up, her modesty, intelligence and especially creativity stood out. Nature served as her source of inspiration. Leaves, twigs, stones and feathers were used in small pieces of art. Textile crafts, sculpting and painting were definitely Nathalie’s favourite pastimes.

Later on, the family moved to Leerdam and secondary school was visited. After graduation, she was torn between studying at an Art school or at the Dutch Institute for Cultural Heritage. The I.C.H in Amsterdam was chosen and after studying for 4 years, Nathalie was allowed to call herself a professional conservator-restorer of glass and ceramic, a rare profession within the Netherlands.

Nathalie decided to follow another educational program. The Theological University College Azusa, that is connected to the Free University, was chosen. This program fitted seamlessly with her sense of spirituality and her social involvement. Her idealism sparked her to work with those who are less privileged to help them lead a more comfortable life. During this 4-year program, Nathalie also worked as a conservator-restorer at The Blue Company, the State Museum (Rijksmuseum) and independent restoration workshop Bodill Lamain in Amsterdam.

Nathalie married Jonathan and had a beautiful son, Josha, and a sweet daughter, Noralie. They enjoyed life to the fullest. Happiness multiplied and Nathalie had a promising future ahead of her.

However, as Nathalie wrote in a caption of her last painting: "Think of me with love. Never speak ill of the dead? Smile about my imperfections. Praise God for my talent”. In the summer of July 2011, Nathalie past away due to the effects of Melanoma cancer, a horrible disease that affects more (young) people every day. Dreams can suddenly fall to pieces.

For more information on skin cancer, have a look at the website of the Dutch Melanoma foundation: