Ginkgo Motifs

6 September 2013 11:26
Elegant Ginkgo leaves were very popular with Art Nouveau artists. They were charmed by the shape of its leaf, its feminine way of growing and its exotic character. Ginkgo leaves come from the Japanese Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba). The Japanese tree is a living fossil as it is the only one remaining of the Ginkgo genus. This makes the Ginkgo leaf even more special.

Magic of the Ginkgo leaf

What made art nouveau artists fall in love with the Ginkgo leaf? Well, the Ginkgo biloba tree has elegant, graceful, bright leaves that are timeless and exude a certain mystery at the same time. The Ginkgo was Goethe’s favourite tree. He wrote a poem in which he described his love for the leaf of the Japanese maidenhair tree in a poetic manner:

This leaf from a tree in the East,
Has been given to my garden.
It reveals a certain secret,
Which pleases me and thoughtful people.

Ginkgo carpet

Art Deco Web Store’s collection includes desirable home furnishings in which Ginkgo motifs play a very large role. Have a look, for instance, at the stunning carpet Ginkgo. The meandering veins of the leaves look absolutely stunning due to the contrasting colours. This carpet is available in many colours, sizes and qualities. By choosing the two colours yourself, you can design a carpet with Ginkgo motifs to suit your own taste. One of Art Deco Web Store’s interior experts would love to give advice on this matter. Make an appointment or drop by our showroom. Table lamp Papillon matches the French Art Nouveau style and Ginkgo motifs are incorporated in its cast iron fitting.

Ginkgo wallpaper and furniture fabrics

Wallpaper with Ginkgo motifs can be ordered to go with the carpet, but it is also stunning as a sole eye-catcher. This wallpaper is available in various, natural (earthy) tones which is why it goes with many interiors. One wall or an entire room, a quiet base or daring: this wallpaper allows you to take multiple directions. Romantic in the bedroom, inviting in the living room, peaceful in the study: the ginkgo leaf brings every room in the right mood. Besides wallpaper, Art Deco Web Store also offers two furniture/curtain fabrics in which Ginkgo leaves are represented in a sublime way. Furniture fabric Ginkgo Cerulean has a bright and warm look. Curtain fabric Ginkgo gives the impression that ginkgo leaves are twirling down behind the windows. This fabric can be ordered in 4 stunning colours.

Ginkgo jewellery

Elegant Ginkgo leaves were an important source of inspiration for Art Nouveau jewellery makers. Art Deco Web Store has an elegant collection of jewellery in the shape of Ginkgo leaves. There a two ginkgo brooches available. The Ginkgo brooch/pendant is very subtle and it is made of Sterling silver. There is also an elegant set of Ginkgo earrings available that go perfectly with the brooch. A more striking brooch is the Ginkgo enamel brooch/pendant. It is fitted with stunning, coloured enamel. This piece also has a beautiful, matching set of enamel, ginkgo earrings.