Net Curtains

17 May 2014 11:57
At Art Deco Web Store, you could already find the most exclusive curtain fabrics. Recently, the collection window coverings has been expanded with stunning net curtains. In the category Net curtains / Voile, you will find a carefully compiled collection existing of voile, net curtains and in-between curtains. Due to the variation in materials, structures and colours, there is a fitting net curtain for every interior

Net curtains, in-betweens and voile

Net curtains, in-betweens and voile bring a certain softness to the interior. They make sure that the daylight is filtered in a lovely way. Net curtains are perfect when privacy is desired without wanting to exclude daylight. This could happen in the shape of transparent net curtains or semi-transparent net curtains, the so-called in-between. An in-between is a mixture between a net curtain and a heavy curtain. In-betweens help to give a beautiful diffused light and they are available in stunning, natural colours. Net or voile curtains are the thinnest type of curtain. Art Deco Web Store’s collection has transparent net curtains, but also semi-transparent net curtains. Somewhat thicker net curtains have the advantage that you can easily look through them from inside the house, but not from the outside.

Varied collection

The collection exists from net curtains made of various materials with different structures. Highly refined with even colours or with a more course structure to achieve a linen-like effect. Decorated with colourful yarn or subtle with soft ton-sur-ton colours. Due to the varied style and the rich colour scheme, there is a fitting net curtain for every interior. The collection Net curtains / Voille has been compiled in such a way that the fabrics could also be combined well with curtain fabrics from Art Deco Web Store. The net curtains can be combined with the heavy curtains, but this does not have to be the case.


Smooth-looking fabrics ensure an airy atmosphere. Net curtains with a natural look go perfectly with Art Nouveau interiors. Angular, glamorous voile curtains with metallic yarn look right at home in Art Deco interiors. Timeless net curtains with an even colour are always a good option, in any room. Net curtains complete the interior, whether they are decorating the living room, bedroom, dining room or office. Even if the items are for business-like purposes, for example in hotels or other company buildings, Art Deco Web Store would love to help you on your way. Art Deco Web Store only has high-quality fabrics in its collection and likes advising you when choosing this atmospheric home furnishing.

Have a look in the category Net curtains / Voile to view the entire collection.