Art Deco Wallpaper

19 December 2013 10:13
Bare walls that lack character belong to the past. The time has come for glamour, warmth and style. The different kinds of Art Deco wallpaper from Art Deco Web Store will transform any room into an inviting, atmospheric place. Art Deco Web Store has a broad collection of Art Deco wallpaper with recognisable Art Deco motifs and in equally recognisable Art Deco colours. Subtle or expressive, with a nostalgic or modern look: Art Deco wallpaper is varied, but always recognisable.

Geometrical motifs

Geometrical patterns, such as circles, vertical lines, triangles and honeycomb motifs, can often be found within the Art Deco wallpaper collection. Modern, clear, glamorous, chic, stylish and modern: Art Deco wallpaper is versatile. Many different types of wallpaper with geometrical motifs are available at Art Deco Web Store: in subtle, light colours or deep, lively colours. Have a look at the wallpapers Medina, Kirkos, Prescott, Lucian, Radnor Stripe, Soho Stripe, Merrill, Hexagon, Links, Carraway, Circles, Midtown Manhattan and Geo Links and find out what makes every geometrical Art Deco wallpaper unique.

Exotic motifs

Palm leaves, fan motifs, tropical birds, animal prints, Egyptian motifs, opulent flowers and other exotic motifs were very popular during the Art Deco period. In this ‘new period’ after the First World War, the Roaring Twenties, travelling became popular and people met new cultures in faraway countries. Exotic motifs and materials, such as ebony, gave the interior a luxurious and sensual look. Art Deco Web Store also has stunning types of wallpaper with exotic motifs to bring back the sensual and luxurious feeling of the past. Warm, deep colours such as shades of gold, red, purple, sea-green, black and brown are predominant. A few fabulous Art Deco wallpapers with exotic influences are: Lavinia, Mazu, Fan, Kinlochmoidart, Talia, Flower, Augustine, Kanto, Cut Paper, Deilen, Gatsby, Baker, Exotic Deco and Long Island.

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